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Posted by Dean Piper On July 24th, 2011

*Keira Knightley is a big fan of Sir Elton John it would appear. That could only explain the Pirates of the Caribbean star getting a chopper to get her over to Hatfield last Sunday for the music legends gig in the pouring rain. I’m told Uncle Elt met with Keira prior to the gig and Keira was happily playing with the star’s new baby boy Zachary backstage. Awwwww.

*Friendship alert! It would appear newly wed supermodel Kate Moss and her new Highgate neighbour George Michael are starting to become good pals. My source tells me: “George has been over to welcome Kate to the neighbourhood and they have seen a bit of each other. He says she’s perfect as a neighbour.” She must have calmed her all night benders down then….

*Rumer is set to make a leap to the big screen after recording the title track to forthcoming movie Johnny English Reborn. And the red carpet should be a fun affair when the songstress is reunited with leading man Rowan Atkinson. Speaking at the Glenfiddich MOJO awards this week she said: “The last time I saw Rowan I sold him a laptop when I was working at the Apple store!” she laughed. “He was looking to buy one for his daughter and I showed him the range and talked him through how they worked. I’m tempted to ask if he remembers me selling him a computer. I hope it’s still in working order! The song has been written by Eg White and is for the end credits. It really is a lovely track.”

*Easy Lover Leg Phil Collins sounds happy being retired and doing NOTHING these days. He revealed: “Retirement is not something I’ve reluctantly accepted. I’ve had a great career and worn out my air miles. Nothing can last forever and it’s more frustrating not being able to build toys with your kids than not being able to play the drums. My days now involve doing nothing most of the time. I think I’ve earned my time lying on my back watching Sky News. My obligations are now different like standing in the rain watching football in the rain or going to pick the kids up.” But he definitely seems a tad out of touch with the music scene. “I don’t listen to music. I don’t actually like music that much if I’m being honest,” he added. “I’ve never heard of artists like Amy Winehouse or Plan B.” For realz?


*X Factor’s Belle Amie are back! Many thought it was all over for the girlband when got booted off in week four last year but like a musical phoenix they’ve returned with ace debut single Girls Up released August 28. But the girls admitted that they thought they were gonners after fourth member Geneva Lane quit at the start of the year. “We kinda lost hope when Geneva quit as she wanted to do her own thing,” said Rebecca Creighton. “We were confused and in a rut but we picked ourselves up and carried on. We couldn’t be happier now with our choice because everything’s so much better. The dynamics are better and we get along so much better. We’re definitely stronger as a three piece.”

*Will.i.am is already snapping up American talent to work with Cheryl Cole on her next album. And after spent four weeks at No 1 with Party Rock Anthem LMFAO have already had a call.
“He’s expressed interested in us to come down and meet Cheryl,” said Redfoo. “He’s like you have to come into the studio! I have to be honest I don’t know too much about her and have never heard of Girls Aloud.” Maybe not the best start.

*It doesn’t sound like Leona Lewis is mixing it up too much for the new video for her new dance track Collide. The stars people have been casting for the video this week that will be shot on a beach in LA this week. Potential actors for it have been told: “This music video will be a beautiful cinematic piece that will showcase the natural beauty of Leona Lewis. It will be inviting, sexy, and organic. It will be a moving fashion spread. It’s about finding the beauty in the subtleties of life. We are looking for beautiful men and women to help set the tone for this video. These people need to match Leona’s vibe and need to be able to have fun. This will be shot on a beach and therefore talent must be comfortable being in and around water.” Notes go on to say men should look like “Abercrombie and Fitch models” and some “small tattoos” are welcome.

*Former Sugababe Keisha Buchanan is going to be a serious solo star if this week’s performance at Jacques Townhouse was anything to go by. Keisha showcased a few new tracks and played some Sugababes covers as well as a blistering cover of Beyonce’s Girls. She told me she’s heading back into the studio now to finish her debut solo album before the release. Hey, there may even be some collaborations on there! She said: “I was so nervous and I was absolutely shaking before I went on. It’s been a year since I picked up a mic so anything could of happened. Now the plan is for me to go back into the studio and finish off the rest of the album. There are going to be some exciting collaborations on there. It’s possible one of them could be with JLS or Leona, you never know.” Here’s hoping.

*Jennifer Aniston
sounds like she had a blast filming Horrible Bosses. The new flick is blooming hilarious. But what was Miss Aniston’s favourite part? She revealed: “ Playing an absolutely insane crazy sexual nymphomaniac. It’s not something you really explain very easily to friends. Great female comedy roles are coming around round more and more – which is great.” Good to ee her in a proper comedy – she has great timing.

*Dannii Minogue is going up in the fashion world. I’m reliably informed by her charming Project D business partner that the pair will be addressing the bigwigs of the clothing world by presenting their Spring-Summer 2012 range to journalists and fashion bods at this September’s fashion week. Tabitha Webb tells me: “We’re so nervous to be presenting our work at London Fashion Week – but it’s exciting.”

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