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Posted by Dean Piper On June 26th, 2011


Example is one of my favourite male pop-stars as he doesn’t mince his words. Fresh from his No 1 success with his latest single he has sharpened his tongue for Cher Lloyd and Alexandra Burke yet again.
“Alexandra wasn’t actually bright enough to figure out I wasn’t actually having a dig at her,” he told me in the Orange Garden. “She just came out of it looking stupid. And all I was saying about Cher is that she deserves better songs. From what I can gather she hates me so there’s no point in me actually writing her a good song. But to be honest it doesn’t matter whether they hate me or not because I’m going to be around for ten years and they’ll going to be around for ten minutes.”
And Example also reveals he’s being well behaved and avoiding any groupie loving as he’s happily settled with a girlfriend. Sensible boy.
“I’m now getting girls tweeting me being very sexually explicit. One girl told me my face looks really comfy and what she wanted to do it with her naked body.” Yikes.

Fearne Cotton was having the time of her life at the festival – presenting for BBC3′s coverage of proceedings. But fortunately the star managed to get out to see one band perform. Fearne told me: “Swaying in the mud to U2 was pretty sweet – definitely my highlight. Then I went and raved hard in the dance village to the brilliance of Annie Mac. The weather has been a bit crap – but everyone’s one such great form. I ruined my new pink jeans though. So that sucked.”

Models were everywhere at Glasto. And with those extra long legs and trademark hunters the girls seemed far more equipped to trudge through the mud than me! I spied Lily Donaldson shoving down a huge English breakfast, Poppy Delevingne dancing in hospitality and her Burberry model sister Cara mingling with the mere mortals outside of VIP. Class acts!

There was no slumming it for Pixie Geldof at this year’s festival. The star looked fresh faced throughout the weekend thanks to being put up in a stylish winnebago. Pixie, who was there with friends including fashion designer Henry Holland, told me: “We’re not slumming it this year. We’ve got a winne which is brilliant. Makes a change from our usual camping. I’m perfectly willing to camp. But it’s quite nice to not be slumming it for once.” Lucky girl.


Above: Xtra Factor star Caroline Flack and me hit the mud….

Glastonbury organisers are already starting to think about performers for Glasto 2013, after Pilton Farm takes a well deserved break next year. And top of the list for huge names to perform is David Bowie. I hear the Starman himself – who last performed at the festival in 2000, is high up on the wish list of Michael and Emily Eavis. A source tells me: “It’s early days but the festival always wants David to be involved in some way – so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was top of the bill for the next year. He’d love to do it and he will return to live performing at some point in the near future.” Now that would be a reason to stand in the mud again!

I’ve heard of some big diva demands but US pop tart Kesha takes the mickey! I watched in horror just before the demanding diva stepped out onto stage to perform her set. But she didn’t just jump out of her car into the mud. The star was strategically lifted from the car into a fresh and clean pair of wellies. Come on Kesh, embrace the mud!

Two people at the festival managed to win in the bonkers style stakes. First up Will Young wore his trademark women’s wig to go undetected by the crowd in VIP. But Will was pipped to the post as worst dressed by Kate Moss’ friend Fran Cutler who I spotted wearing a pure white fur coat. WHITE! If that jacket goes home without a mud stain on it will be a miracle!

WHICH sibling of a celebrity needs to watch his behaviour in public at the festival. I spied this guy buying poppers from a dealer in one of the dance tents! Hilarious!

This year the live acts were just beyond good. I caught U2 blitz the Pyramid stage in the belting rain but fans couldn’t care less if they were wet! Another highlight was Two Door Cinema Club – who were great live – and I loved every minute of Fenech Soler’s return following Ben Duffy’s tough year battling cancer. Fenech were on fire! Rumer provided the chilled time yesterday afternoon with a beautiful set and Coldplay were just incredible last night.

It doesn’t seem like Alfie Allen and Jaime Winstone are friends now – despite having split months ago. I spied the pair at the KR3W jeans launch and the pair didn’t even say a single word to each other all night. Jaime was on one side of the room chilling with friends at the Lovebullet Shangri-La area and Alfie was very much with his man friends at the other side. I loved those two as a couple – sad they’re not still together.

I had to laugh when I heard what the London VIP spa Rehab and Hot Tune spa resort have done as a special treatment. The cheeky guys there have created a special “Wayne Rooney delicate head massage” following his hair transplant operation. Funny considering Wayne is staying just a stones throw away from the footballer and his wife Coleen’s £8,000 winnebago in Winding Lake Farm. I also hear popstar Lily Allen had the special spa closed down for a nice and special makeover ahead of her trotting around to see some bands!

Radio One’s Gemma Cairney was on the wagon throughout most of the festival as she had to be sober and with it to present her show from the fields. Gem told me: “I’m trying to work out if I can have a beer now and be fine for later. But I’m not sure. It kinda sucks….but how many people can call it work being at Glastonbury like this. I’ve had an awesome time with my best mates and there’s still loads to go.” Enjoy, Gem!

Sweet smelling ladies of Glasto beware – Professor Green is on the prowl….despite having a girlfriend.
The rapper tells me that when it comes to getting down and dirty at a festival there’s one very important deal-breaker.
“They don’t even have to be good-looking – just clean! “He laughed. Days two and three is when girls who stay at B&B’s really come into their own.”
And Pro Green revealed he was up to the early hours on Friday night breathing in funky fumes.
“I think I was caught smoking a spliff. Considering my name I don’t think it will come as any real surprise,” he added. “I think my record label will find out it funny.”

Glasto veteran Jo Whiley has already drafted up her ultimate wish-list of Glasto headliners for 2013.
David Bowie and Prince definitely have to be up there. Then I’d love to see The Foo Fighters headline too,” she said. “They’ve never actually played Glasto and I think it’s high-time they got themselves here. Maybe Dave Grohl thinks it’s too much of a hippy vibe for him.”
Despite criticism from some Glasto purists, Jo is all for Beyonce headlining tonight and thinks the haters should booty-shake off.
“It will be an absolute spectacle. She just sounds like she has every final detail pinned down and is completely in control”, she added. “I really hope Jay Z joins her on-stage – it would be rude of the Jiggerman not to.”

Two people I never thought seeing out-partying the likes of Coleen and Wayne Rooney were definitely comedian Harry Enfield and telly presenter Angus Deaton.
The pair supped endless cups of booze and tucked into bacon butties into the wee hours. And Henry tells me he has big plans for later today: “I’m definitely going to go and booty-shake to Beyonce. We’ve seen lots of acts but sought shelter in the VIP hospitality tent half-way through U2′s set as we got too wet.” Rock n’ roll.

Well Jessie J got the surprise of her life after her blistering set at Glastonbury when supermodel Kate Moss decided to swing by to say hello.
I’m told after the Kills set Miss Moss popped by after telling friends she was a huge fan. My source reveals: “Kate was really desperate to meet Jessie and has been a fan for quite some time.
“She popped by with friends and Jessie was overwhelmed. She’s a huge fan of Kate Moss so it really made her year. Kate stayed for half an hour with Jessie and said they should hook up for a drink sometime soon.” Oh to be a fly on the wall with that one!

Kate Moss spent the day yesterday parading around Glastonbury. It’s just a week until she marries The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. But she looked far from into her husband to his set. My backstage mole told me: “Kate spent most of her time on the phone. And hiding out the side of the stage out of view from the lenses.” Fellow supermodel Agyness Deyn and Jaime Winstone supported their mate Kate at the side of the stage too.

It would appear U2 singer Bono is able to mix with the mortals on the odd occasion. I spied Bono in the hospitality bar having a morning brew with other guests. Good for him!


Good news for fans of Rumer (above with me). The songstress is working on not one but two new albums. The star told me following her set: “The first album is a cover album of tracks written by men that were not runaway hits. Like the secret beauties. And the second is an album of all new original material. I’m writing for that pretty soon. The plan is for now to bring out an album a year. I want to keep things fresh. Playing Glastonbury was a dream come true but I can’t hang about as I’m off to Hard Rock Calling for tomorrow.”
The more Rumer the better as far as I’m concerned!

Alexa Chung seemed to be enjoying her Glasto experience – despite not seeing any bands until Saturday afternoon. The star arrived with Arctic Monkeys boyfriend Alex Turner on her arm and told me yesterday: “I can’t believe I’ve not seen one band yet! I’ve just been with friends and catching up with people.  I’m off to see The Horrors now and then will be firmly watching music tonight.” Better late than never!

Weird celebrity relationship alert. After dumping Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews I hear that Topshop heiress Chloe Green has now swapped him for his long-haired co-star Ollie Locke. Yes you did read that correctly. Self confessed ‘bisexual’ Ollie….
Why Chloe is hanging out on Ollie’s arm when she must have tons of potential suitors I have no idea.
But my impeccable source tells me they’re very happy: “It’s only been a week but already they are talking about being in love. Ollie can’t stop talking about Chloe and wants everyone to know he’s dating her. He keeps saying how amazing and wonderful she is. Chloe also went and got her tongue-pierced the other day as Ollie said he finds girls with piercings hot. They are keen to show off their romance and have already been to some big celeb bashes together this week like Elton John’s White Diamond & Tiara Ball.”
They were due to rock up to Glastonbury together looking cosy and hand-in-hand. But I’m told he was worried there “wouldn’t be enough picture opportunities”. Contrived much…..


And while we’re on the subject of Made In Chelsea…..I can’t wait for a second series of the show later this year. And with the start of filming penned in for July it sounds like cast-member Cheska Hull (above with me) can’t either and has big plans for series two if she’s back.
“I think a relationship for me is on the cards and it’s something my fans really want,” she said. “I’m really hoping I find a boyfriend as I think that will be fun. But it’s hard enough finding a guy let alone one that wants to be on the show. I think Fred is really hot and funny but I don’t think he fancies me. Hugo and Spencer would be a definite no as they’re lovely guys but players. No-one is safe right now though and they’ve made that very clear. We found out next week who is in it and who isn’t. It’s really scary because we’re like a family but then it’s exciting to keep it fresh at the same time with new cast members. I’d really love to do it again. ”

But one thing Cheska definitely doesn’t want to see on her jewel-encrusted telly is relationship drama between Spencer and Caggie. “I really hope it doesn’t carry on because I’m bored of it and I think the viewers are slightly bored of it,” she added. I agree. It’s all about Hugo and Millie.

Hot newcomer Maverick Sabre was on his best behaviour at his first ever Glastonbury after a previous messy festival experience.
He told me in the Orange Garden: “A few years ago I didn’t take wellies to a festival as I wanted to style it out with a white pair of trainers. The last thing I remember is watching Brian Wilson with a bottle of rum. The weather was so bad and I was so drunk the next thing I wake up missing three toenails. Luckily they grew back.” Eeeeew.

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