Will.i.am "blocks" his Cher Lloyd collaboration from Simon Cowell and Syco

Posted by Dean Piper On June 19th, 2011

More bad news for X Factor pop star Cher Lloyd.
This week a demo of the singer’s brand new single Swagger Jagger leaked online for one and all to hear and received a mixed response and now I hear another of her debut album tracks is in serious trouble.
I can reveal her collaborator Will.i.am is “holding back” the eagerly awaited song in the wake of his client Cheryl Cole’s sacking from X Factor US. And from what I hear it’s worrying all the team working on Cher’s debut album – who are desperate for the track to be included on the album.
The pair went straight into the studio after the X Factor final and put together what they both thought was a killer chart hit – but now it seems the hard work may never see the light of day.
My impeccable source tells me: “Will wanted to sign Cher from the get go and work on her career – but she signed to Modest Management because of what her contract said after the show. So he was miffed to start with.
“Now with everything that’s happened to Cheryl, and the fact he’s now managing her too, he’s decided to play hardball with Syco. He’s refusing to send the track into them and they just don’t know what’s happening.
“The track they made was huge and Cher was counting on it being a single and it all looks like it is going to have to be pulled the way things stand. Will is point black refusing to let Syco even have the song – let alone use it.”
My source says the row that’s been brewing over the past few weeks has been the source of real frustration for the A+R team at Syco that are working with Cher as she prepares to unleash her music.
The source continues: “It isn’t fair on Cher with what Will.i.am is doing right now. He doesn’t seem worried about Cher at all. He’s just annoyed about what’s happened with Cheryl – and it’s very unfair to be making Cher pay for all of what has happened.”
But this isn’t the first time that Will.i.am has been rumoured to be causing trouble behind the scenes in the business. When Cheryl was negotiating her situation with the move from X Factor US to the UK sources say the situation wasn’t made any easier by Will.i.am and the team looking after her.  “People are starting to talk about it now,” adds my source. “They were acting very high and mighty with Cheryl and it was noted how difficult the management team were to deal with. Some even say it was partly to blame with what happened to Cheryl. They just need to chill out and remember everyone is human.”

A Syco spokeman declined to comment. Sounds like somebody needs to put their toys back in the pram! Miss Lloyd – who I believe will have a huge solo career – shouldn’t have to suffer in all of this….

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