Shane Lynch responds to the Boyzone "split" rumours….

Posted by Dean Piper On June 19th, 2011


Shane Lynch wanted to set the rumour mill straight when I caught up with him this week. Following reports that the band’s manager Louis Walsh has ditched them and said they should split Shane, promoting his new premium vodka drink VER2, told me: “No Boyzone are not splitting up – that’s just Louis Walsh being his usual self. It’s all news to us. When Louis calls us and tells us that’s the case then I will know it’s from the horse’s mouth. He’s been saying that he’s been leaving since 1993 and there’s no pattern change. I wouldn’t listen to any of those rumours. Some tours he turns up and some tours he doesn’t. This last tour he didn’t turn up but we’re used to that so there’s nothing strange for us guys about that. Louis Walsh is a great man for stories whether good or bad. He’ll slag you off in the paper one day and then meet you for lunch on the next day saying he didn’t mean it. As far as me and the boys are concerned we are looking at the next album and we want to get it done by September maybe for release in December.”
Shane goes on to reveal the band are not even contracted with Lou Lou these days – it’s on a adhoc basis. Shane added: “We don’t necessarily employee him anymore – since 1998 in fact – but we like to deal with people who we love and have history with so when me and the boys got back together we said to Louis that obviously nothing has ever changed and we’d like you on board and continue to work with you so I suppose you have that type of relationship. It’s not like anyone has decided to stop working with us anymore because there is no contract or nothing like that – it’s more of an agreements amongst friends.” That settles that then.

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  1. Briony Says:

    I love the way shane says “we employ him” just shows who has the power in the relationship!! And he says he likes louis and I don’t really think that’s true! I used to like louis but after all this come out not so sure! Louis is gonna have a lot of boyzone fans on his back!! glad to have shane say that album should be coming out in december. Hope someone will buy me a copy for chistmas!! Hope this ones got a couple of more up beat songs aswell!!

  2. Karen Says:

    Thanks Dean for putting the record straight once and for all. Perhaps you should copy Dan Wooton on this it might stop his over active imagination!

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