Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews is dating Topshop billionaire Sir Philip Green's daughter Chloe

Posted by Dean Piper On June 5th, 2011

On E4′s addictive new show Made In Chelsea Spencer Matthews is constantly trying to woo Caggie Dunlop.
But in real life it’s a case of: “Caggie who?”
I can reveal floppy haired toff Spencer has been dating Topshop billionaire Philip Green’s sassy daughter Chloe for the past few weeks. And they’re getting on extremely well according to my sources.
In fact the pair spent last weekend together at the Monaco Grand Prix in the south of France. And from what my impeccable sources tell me the pair are quite the cute couple – but it’s early days.
“Spencer is really into Chloe and has been telling anybody that will listen on set that he wants to make her his girlfriend,” says my mole. “It’s a well known fact with all the crew that he’s been seeing a lot of Chloe lately and he’s been bragging on set about how him and Chloe are getting on like a house on fire and he thinks it could turn into a full blown relationship.
“Spencer went to Monaco with Hugo Taylor, Rosie Fortescue and Millie Mackintosh from the show and met up with Chloe as soon as they landed. They spent the weekend partying on a yacht and enjoying the atmosphere of the Grand Prix. It was very glamorous and very wild. They all joined Leonardo DiCaprio on a yacht party after the race was over. There was so much partying involved during the weekend that producers were worried they wouldn’t come back for their last bits of filming. But Chloe made sure the partying didn’t get too out of control – she’s a very well brought up girl and likes Spencer a lot.”
But if you ask me Chloe has reason to watch out – from what I hear Spencer is gaining a reputation of being a floozy on set.
Not only was he recently still dating stroppy cast member Funda Onal, he’s been continually seeing female extras on set and still insists a flame still burns for Caggie. But Miss right now is Chloe Green – that much is for sure.
“Whether he’s into Caggie still is another thing,” says my source. “All Spencer’s talking about right now is Chloe. At the end of the day he’s a guy in his early twenties and he’s enjoying playing the field.
“But if he thinks Chloe’s going to be cool about dating him in real life and looking a fool on Made In Chelsea when he’s off galavanting with Caggie then he has another thing coming.
“Chloe’s not a push over. It’s early days but if they end up dating then anything with Caggie will have to stop.”
Tread carefully with this one, Chloe.

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