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Posted by Dean Piper On May 22nd, 2011

The Weinstein Company VIP Press Event - 64th Annual Cannes Film

Sarah Jessica Parker was on great form introducing a clip of her brand new Weinstein film I Don’t Know How She Does It – a comedy about the life of Kate Reddy, a finance executive who is the breadwinner for her hubby and two kids! Decked out in a white Dolce and Gabbana dress the actress made a speech to the 200 people at the Glaceau vitaminwater party at the Martinez Hotel. Afterwards she told me she was nervous as hell. SJP said: “I’m not a public speaker – that was terrifying speaking infront of all those people. Especially with this movie. I’m proud of it and I want it to do well so I was happy to come to Cannes to promote it.”

Ever wondered how Pirates of the Caribbean star Penelope Cruz stays looking so super sexy and hot? Well I now know. Since giving birth to her first son, Leo, with hubby Javier Bardem in January she’s been taking Ballet Barre work out sessions after being recommended them by her buddy Madonna. “She can’t get enough of the work outs,” says my mole. “She studied ballet when she was young and she’s found it great for posture and shape. She wanted to keep her curves and it’s enabled her to do that perfectly.”

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the Hotel Du Cap last Friday evening. I’m reliably informed Hollywood heavyweights Robert De Niro, Owen Wilson and Bradley Cooper spent much of the evening knocking back rose wine and nattering to guests at the hotel. My source tells me: “Robert insisted that everyone called him Bob throughout the night and was super friendly with everyone.” What a legend.

Alexa Chung was at the festival as an ambassador for jewellery company Chopard and it sounds like she was having a right jolly time swanning around the croisette and getting paid for it! The presenter and fashion-icon-in-the-making was wearing a £4 million necklace at a special screening of her buddy Emily Browning’s creepy new movie Sleeping Beauty. I’m told Alexa had two security staff following her around for dear life. A mole tells me: “Alexa couldn’t be out of sight of the security team all evening. Chopard want to be a bit more trendy and not so stuffy – so employed her for the coolness factor.” Lucky bitch.

Jude Law loves his football – possibly a bit too much. I hear the star hosted a special Cannes celebrity football five-a-side game yesterday with Eric Cantona. The pair both captained teams at the special game and the pair’s friends showed up in their droves to watch them play footie. How very Robbie Williams of Jude.

Duran Duran Photocall - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Duran Duran were the big draw at the European launch of Belvedere Red at Cannes club VIP last week. I partied with the boys on the clubs infamous revolving dancefloor as they sang seven of their biggest hits ahead of their UK tour kicking off in Newcastle this week.
And from what Simon Le Bon tells me there’s plenty more years of Duran to come – as well as a few possible collaborations. Simon said: “We are having the best years of our life right now performing all around the world. We’re all about live music and the new album reflects that.
Tinie Tempah did come up to me at the Brits and say he wanted to do something with us. I’m not sure if it was just all talk – but we’d love to. Put it out there and get him to call us. Obviously Lady Gaga would be one we would love to work with too. She’s definitely pushing the boundaries of pop.”

Duran Duran Photocall - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival
Cheryl Cole has found a new celebrity fan in the shape and form of style queen Diane Kruger. I hear Troy star Diane bumped into the X Factor US judge at the Martinez and was full of admiration for her. My source tells me: “Diane was so sweet and ran over to say hello to Cheryl wishing her well in America and saying to stay focused and relaxed. It was very sweet of her and Cheryl was chuffed.”
The Girls Aloud star has been staying at the Martinez out here taking a break before returning to the US for X Factor and fulfilling her commitments to L’Oreal doing some European promo. Contrary to rumours the star leaves France at the end of the weekend….missing out on seeing her manager in Cannes when he performs at the Grisogono jewellery event later this week.

Let’s face it David Walliams isn’t the butchest of men. The Little Britain star had me howling with laughter at the Calvin Klein Honor Women of Independent Film bash at the Martinez Hotel in Cannes.
David – who had his hand permanently fixed to wife Lara Stone’s backside throughout the night – had been somber throughout the evening but quite literally exploded into a dance off with his wife when Baccara’s Yes Sir I Can Boogie came on the speakers. The comedian was flinging his arms around in the air and Lara was twirled around non-stop. You literally couldn’t make it up.

Dean Piper

Vanessa Hudgens (above with me) is on a mission to ditch her High School Musical image. And starring in a new movie opposite Michael Caine sounds like the perfect tonic. The pair join forces for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and are currently shooting and Vanessa told me the pair have formed an unlikely friendship. “He’s amazing,” said Vanessa. “I walked in to film with him the other day and he was sitting in his chair and blasting out a song. He was singing Katy Perry’s Firework at the top of his voice. He’s truly one of a kind – and for a gentleman of 77 he’s so cool.”
The star was experiencing her first Cannes trip and said she couldn’t wait to return with a movie to promote. She added: “I’m not doing the whole red carpet film thing this year. I’m literally with a friend and we’re enjoying all the festival has to offer. It’s a low key trip this year.”

Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson were out and proud as a couple in Cannes. Not only were they both individually promoting movies, the pair are set to sit side by side at a Haiti benefit on Wednesday that Sean’s organised with socialite and charity campaigner Ella Krasner. They make a hot couple! The bash will definitely be the hottest ticket in town this week….

The new girl of the moment is officially Jessica Chastain. She plays Brad Pitt’s other half in new flick The Tree of Life and I caught up with the actress at the slick calvin Klein bash. She told me: “Working with Brad was great. I guess it feels like things are starting to take off for me and it’s great to have such an amazing response ahead of the film’s release.” Trust me, this girl will be huge next year.

Alice in Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska is going place. The star was in cannes promoting new Gus Van Sant movie Restless with co-star Henry Hopper. But I hear the star had an entire team from LA flown over to attend to her every need. A source told me: “Her hair and make-up team alone cost £50,000 to get to France from LA and pay for their time.” Alright for some.

Uma Thurman caused a stir arriving at the Hotel Martinez beach party on the croissette for the Calvin Klein bash. While all other stars – including Rosario Dawson and esteemed fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth – walked around with no security, Uma had two burly bouncers following her every move. I spied her talking at length with model Natalia Vodianova at the party and the two gorillas wouldn’t let anybody interrupt – including her team! Wow.



And if you didn’t know any better you’d think that Uma Thurman and Jude Law were a couple. Uma Thurman – supposedly back together with Arpad Busson after a brief split – was all over Jude like a rash at the plush Chopard party in Cannes on Monday evening.
My spies watched aghast (and gave me these exclusive pictures above) as the pair spent all the night whispering into each other’s ears and nattering. But I’m told Uma wasn’t letting anybody nestle alongside Jude – and went to extraordinary lengths to make sure it didn’t happen. My source says: “They didn’t want anybody else interrupting, that’s for sure. They spent the whole evening sat together and looked totally into each other.
“At one point Uma popped to the loo and a blonde girl made her move to sit next to Jude. Uma was furious when she got back and told her to sling her hook when she returned. She looked like the catch that got the cream.” They would make a hot couple!


I’ve heard horror stories about Kirsten Dunst (above) so was a bit nervy about nattering to her in Cannes. But she’s pleasant as can be and funny too. The star arrived a couple of days early for her Melancholia premiere on the croisette and I caught up with her at the Glaceau vitaminwater party at the Hotel Du Cap. “I’ve had a blast,” Kirsten told me. “It’s the first time I’ve been able to enjoy Cannes and not be frantically busy. I went in the sea swimming today – although I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s bloody freezing.” Noted. Also at the party was Mad Men’s Jon Hamm (below) – in town trying to find a distributor for his new flick Friends with Kids. He happens to be one of the politest actors I’ve ever met….

There was only one place to be in Cannes – the Nobu Berkeley Street pop-up restaurant at the hotel 3.14. David Walliams and Lara Stone were spotted slurping on wonderful Iceberg vodka cocktails, Jonathan Ross dined there alonside Robert De Niro one evening and new bosom buddies Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson dined with four American ice hockey players.

Jonathan Aitken’s
daughter Victoria is finally starting to make some waves in the music industry after years of trying. Her new single Queen of the House is stupidly catchy – and proper Euro pop. Vic’s signed a record deal now in Germany and the new single has entered the dance charts at No.5. I bumped into her at snazzy restaurant Eden Roc and she told me: “I’m glad things are taking off for me. I’ve been working hard on it all.” Good for her.

Naomi Campbell knows how to throw a good knees up! And the supermodel partied the night away with her billionaire boy toy Vladimir Dororin this week following her Fashion For Relief event in Cannes. Naomi was dancing pretty much non-stop until 5am at Jalouse members club Baoli. “She was sat behind the DJ booth and was ordering huge bottles of champagne all night – at one point she was dancing on the table,” says my party spy. Get her.

Don’t mess with Faye Dunaway – or she’ll elbow you in the ribs! Lizzie Cundy came face to face with the screen legend at the Chopard bash and faye snapped: “You look far too glamorous for me.” And proceeded to literally elbow the presenter out the way to get past her. Lizzie tells me: “She has the sharpest elbows in the business. I was

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