R-Patz and Reese Witherspoon talk Water For Elephants

Posted by Dean Piper On May 10th, 2011


Robert Pattinson is preparing to say goodbye to the role that made his name playing Edward Cullen in Twilight’s Breaking Dawn. And it sounds like the latest films have affected both him and girlfriend Kristen Stewart. R-Patz tells me: “Breaking Dawn has been the most emotional ride for me and Kristen, getting married, having a baby. I mean, the birth scenes were pretty traumatic. We both got pretty upset doing them.”
And Rob can’t wait to get his tan on now that the film has wrapped! “I owe these films everything and its been amazing doing them, but it will also be good to say goodbye,” he added. “I wanna get a tan, show people there is more to me than Edward the vampire! It’s nice to see myself looking healthy for once, pale skin and red eyes is not a good look for me.”

Reese Witherspoon has such a hard life. Kissing Hollywood actors for a living. In Water For Elephants she snogs the face off R-Patz and reveals he’s a good kisser! Reese said: “I can confirm he’s a good kisser, very gentle! You gotta remember there was about a hundred crew members there too though. So it’s not very romantic.”
The blonde actress says thanks to the circus training she went through for the role she’s in the best shape of her life…for now. “I think I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in doing this film – which is why I agreed to wear a leotard throughout. My costumes are pretty tiny in this movie so I don’t think I’ll do that again.” If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

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