Joe McElderry prepares for Popstar To Operastar

Posted by Dean Piper On May 10th, 2011

X Factor winner Joe McElderry is embarking upon another big singing television show – he’s signed on the dotted line to appear on ITV1′s Popstar to Operastar.
In what will be considered a poignant end to his short lived pop career, Joe will appear alongside a load of other former pop vocalists on the show that aims to train pop singers into becoming opera tenors or sopranos.
Joe’s the first big signing for the show, hosted by Myleene Klass and Alan Titchmarsh, which I hear will also feature A-Ha legend Morten Harket when it returns to our screens later in the year.
But from what I hear Joe is truly excited about the opportunity to appear on the show. My perfectly placed source reveals: “Joe loves to sing – he’s not bothered about what people will say.
“He’s a person with a talent and he will proper from doing a show like this. He’s incredibly talented and thinks he could open up a whole new chapter from appearing on the show. He’s always loved the West End and thrill of performing live – it’s when he’s at his best. So Popstar to Operastar is a great opportunity for him to begin a new journey in his career.”
But it’s not just his professional life that Geordie Joe is getting sorted in – he’s making a nest for himself and investing some of his X Factor winnings into property.
I’m told Joe, who’s deal with Simon Cowell’s Syco record company will lapse soon and fail to be renewed, has just completed on a plush flat in Newcastle and he’s also property hunting for a London bolthole for when he’s down south working. My source adds: “Considering the deal with Syco has just fizzled out, Joe’s in a great place right now.
“He’s investing his money wisely and making sure he has something to show for all of his hard work. Popstar to Operastar will give him a nice cheque for being involved and he’s making sure he’s comfortable with his money. He’s been living with his mum for a while because his rent at his London flat was huge and it was like throwing his money down the drain. It was a wise move to move back in with his mum and save some cash.”
I actually think Joe will do incredibly well from Popstar to Operastar. The guy can sing live, is genuinely a lovely person and is talented. Good luck to him.

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