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Posted by Dean Piper On May 9th, 2011

*So I went to my first N-Dubz concert last weekend. Admittedly I’ve not been kind about the threesome in the past. But I’m entitled to change my mind. I finally get it! They were awesome live. Tulisa is in a league of her own singing live, Fazer looks fit and Dappy is a great rapper and a decent guy. He came up to me after and nervously said: “Did you like it, tell me you liked it?” Well I did. A lot. N-Dubz are amazing. Who the hell knew…..

*Lucie Silvas is one amazing vocalist. And I’m so excited about her new album. Amazingly  the Breath In star is yet to find a label to release the new album. I’ve heard three tracks off of the new record and she’s on fire. Reset is the perfect ballad, Roots is an up tempo dream and Letters to Ghosts has already been snapped up as the music for Garnier adverts for two years. Great to have Lucie back – now give this girl a record deal!

*I’m always looking for the hot new way to get fit and healthy these days – I’ve even entered the Virgin Active London Triathlon. So I popped by the latest craze to stay super toned ‘Bodyism’ this week – and I was impressed. The company look at her diet, health and fitness and give you a right good work out. Elle Macpherson and X-Men Origins star Zoe Kravitz are both huge fans. Check www.bodyism.com.

*Sun comes out and the clothes came off at Mark Herman’s swanky Shoreditch House Pool Disco last weekend. I popped along to mingle with the likes of Matt Cardle, Lisa Snowdon and Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes for the Studio 54 style party. Trust me we lifted the roof off east London. The next Pool Disco is May 29.


*Like a flowery shirt? Well I blooming do. A new company Frangipani (check out the shirts above), run by DJ to the stars Numa Heathcote and India Langton, is taking the fashion world by storm. Lightweight Indian fabrics with beautiful prints are being adorned on the back of male stars everywhere. So far Sting, Ian Wright, James Blunt and Bruce Parry are all wearing them. I’ll be wearing mine at Cannes next week to bring you all the gossip from the French Riviera.

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