Jenny Frost won't be going to Kate Moss' wedding….

Posted by Dean Piper On April 24th, 2011

Jenny Frost Bugaboo

It sounds like Kate Moss’ wedding guest-list may be getting increasingly smaller! First her old partying partner-in-crime Lily Allen admitted they no longer talk and now former Atomic Kitten singer – and one-time member of the Primrose Hill set – Jenny Frost has broken ties to raise her three-year-old son Casper with a quieter-pace-of-life. “No I won’t be going to the wedding,” Jenny told me. “Since moving out of London I keep in touch with a few friends and I see them when I’m out and about but I don’t keep in contact with everybody. My lifestyle has completely changed now. Before having Casper I was a party girl but now it’s all about taking it easy, going for long country walks and going fishing. It’s nice restaurants over nightclubs now.” And I’m happy to reveal that since painfully splitting from her long-term beau – and fiancée – DJ Dom Thrupp last year Jenny has found love again. “He’s Spanish and good friends with some of my close friends so we’ve known each other for years. I’m very loved up. He’s not romantic but romantic enough for me! Casper has also got himself a few girlfriends – he’s a ladies’ man!”

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