Natalia Kills talks Lady Gaga…..

Posted by Dean Piper On April 17th, 2011


New songstress Natalia Kills is definitely one to watch. The foxy British singer was snapped up onto’s label Cherrytree after The Black Eyed Peas man successfully won a bidding war. Despite strong comparisons to Lady Gaga – check debut single Mirrors out – she’s slammed her rival for taking too much credit for herself.
“We have the same creative team but I actually like to give credit to my team because they do a sh*tload. They’re all incredible and genius people to work with,” Natalia says. “Even though it looks like you might be some genius phenomenon there are actually fantastic people behind you who are entirely indulging in the creative process. I just want to put it out there I don’t wake up in the morning and have a God given miraculous idea. People contribute ideas and give help when you need help and don’t sleep for days doing it. Even though someone has creative control it wouldn’t be possible without other people contributing.” Over to you, Gaga.

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  1. L Says:

    She clearly doesn’t watch Gaga’s interviews often because Gaga mentions the people she works with in every interview she does and when tweeting about announcements and stuff. She’s pretty hands on with everything she does, but she doesn’t take credit for it at all.

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