Red Riding Hood star Amanda Seyfried talks paps and perks!

Posted by Dean Piper On April 10th, 2011


I’ve always had a soft spot for Amanda Seyfried. She’s beautiful and charming in real life and nowadays she’s dating Reese Witherspoon’s ex Ryan Phillipe. This week she breezed into London for the premiere of Red Riding Hood and told me that living in the spotlight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – especially when you have another celebrity as a boyfriend. Amanda fumed: “I find the idea that I can’t do anything privately anymore just crazy! I mean just because I’m hanging out with a guy who also happens to be famous we literally have to jump through hoops if we want to do something and not be photographed!
“Also when I’m not working I don’t dress great, I don’t wear make up run, I run errands, hang out and I have these people watching me do it – documenting it! And then people comment that I don’t look great. It sucks!
“But I love what I do – and there are perks, you can do some really special things like private tours of places, you get given free cars, lovely dresses, you can get reservations at really nice restaurants so that is kind of nice.” It’s alright for some….!


Meanwhile…..Amanda and Ryan popped up and partied at Amika nightclub in Kensington on Friday night. They came with Amanda’s cast mate from Mamma Mia, Rachel McDowall, who kind of played goosberry on the couple’s night out. Ryan was drinking Johnny Walker Blue whisky and they also ordered bottles of vodka, champagne and Disaronno for the table. Get them!

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