Amanda Holden: "I'm Top Dog on BGT this year!"

Posted by Dean Piper On April 10th, 2011


TV star Amanda Holden is thrilled to be “top dog” on Britain’s Got Talent this year – and says she’s not missing Simon Cowell or Piers Morgan at all.
Speaking this week Amanda said: “I’m top dog now. Like God, actually. I’m not missing Simon in the slightest – it’s all about me now! He won’t like the fact he’s not missed. Simon will return for part of the live finals and I’d love him to come down the ceiling on a cloud wearing a toga showing off his macho chest. That would be a good way for him to return.
“Piers text me on the first day of filming and said: “How are they?” And I replied saying: “Who is this?” Piers is old hat now.”
Amanda’s return to BGT comes just two months after tragically losing her baby.
She was rushed to hospital on February 1 after filming the last live auditions episode for the show, where the star’s son was stillborn.
But she’s throwing herself into work in the wake of the tragedy and is loving the new lease of life that new judges David Hasselhoff and comedian Michael McIntrye are bringing to the series.
Amanda says Michael’s going to be the audience favourite in the series and that Baywatch legend, who she continually calls Michael after his character in Knightrider, David has found God ahead of this year’s live finals.
Amanda, 40, said: “How do I put this, the Hoff is a friend of Jesus. He’s definitely found the Lord lately and is continually coming out with religious references.
“The best one is like his motto and he keeps telling me to ‘breathe in God and breathe out a smile’. He’s really into his faith which is great in a slightly funny American kind of way. I actually can’t stop calling him Michael when we’re on set – I was so addicted to Knightrider.”
The blonde star also says she’s disappointed David, known for his bonkers personality and former drinking problem, has failed to try it on with her. She laughed: “He hasn’t tried to pinch my bum or do anything of the sort. I thought he’d be far more hands on. I’m actually disappointed he hasn’t tried to grab my bum yet. Offended, even.”
Launching a range of Trimsole toning footwear this week in London the star said she cannot wait to start her six month run playing Princess Fiona in Shrek: The Musical on the West End after her BGT appearance finishes.
She said: “It’s been seven years since I was on the West End with Millie so it does feel a little daunting. But exciting. Shrek rehearsals are going very well and the team and cast are great.
“It’s a real family show – suitable for all ages. It’s very much like the film story wise but on stage. I’m actually only painted as an ogre for the final scene so I’m not green throughout. But I’ve already decided that one night I’m going to go to The Ivy for a posh meal dressed as an ogre. That would give a few people a fright.”

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