Professor Green talks about his testicular cancer scare

Posted by Dean Piper On April 2nd, 2011


Professor Green has spoken for the first time about his scare with testicular cancer. Understandably the rapper was still very shaken-up when I spoke to him this week.
“I didn’t really want to put my business out there like that and it was hard for me. A lot of men just avoid going to the doctors and I think it’s important for people to take care of themselves,” he said promoting Alcatel One Touch for Phones 4U. “People think cancer is an old man’s disease but, as rare as it is, you never know. All those things I was worrying about are really not that important anymore and it’s made me decide not to drink for the time being.”
Fortunately the Professor is moving forwards from the scare and getting on with the follow-up to his huge debut. And he’s planning an exciting collaboration.
“I really want Adele and I’ve told her that,” he said. “That’s the one person I want to sing with but obviously she has got her plate full being number one in about 17 countries! I want it to happen when it happens.” So do I!

Professor Green has teamed up with ALCATEL ONE TOUCH and Phones 4u to launch the One Touch 802 mobile phone. He’ll perform at a secret London gig on April 12. To win tickets go to from April 1.

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