Jada Pinkett Smith on being a stage school mum and why she loves the Beckham family!

Posted by Dean Piper On April 2nd, 2011

I’ve always wondered just how much of a stage school mum Jada Pinkett Smith actually is. After all, Willow is a global singing star at the grand old age of 10 and son Jaden is a movie star aged 12. But Jada insists her kiddies are in charge of their own destiny. I asked the star if it’s all too much too young and she told me: “I understand how people would see it like that – and why they would say that. I think it’s very difficult for people to understand what it’s like to be raised in a family like ours. To our kids this is all they know – and so you might look at your 10 year old and think no way would they cope with what Willow’s doing – or Jaden but what seems to be pressure for one child is not for ours because of how they’ve been brought up and the people they’ve been surrounded by.
“We would never stop our kids from being kids. And most children in this situation don’t have that because they very quickly end up being the breadwinners so all the pressure is on them! Where as it will be a very long time before Willow and Jaden are earning as much money or more money than their parents! So they don’t have to worry about this – they can still be children.  And if at at any point they don’t want to do it any more it’s over. If Willow turns round tomorrow and says she’s had enough….it’s over…end of!” That settles that then…..
Meanwhile Jada sounds like she’s quite enamoured with the Beckhams. She even gets free dresses from VB! Jada: “Victoria is so sweet because she’s always sending me dresses – she sends a dress with a note saying ‘this one would would look great on you’. She’s so lovely!
“The last time we saw them was Willow’s birthday last year – it was Halloween and they all came over – their boys are quite something you know, so handsome and so well behaved. And they are a wonderful family!
“I am so glad she is having a girl!  I was praying pleeeeease give her a girl please, coz I knew how much they wanted it and and now she’s getting her little Princess – we’re so happy! That little girl is gonna get soooo much attention – it’s gonna be crazy!” No s**t sherlock!

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