Posted by Dean Piper On April 2nd, 2011

Daisy Lowe Pearl Lowe Danny Goffey Wrigley Eat Drink Chew Banuquet

Pearl Lowe (above with hubby Danny Goffey and model daughter Daisy Lowe) is one of those people you just love talking too. She’s intelligent, charming and has an amazing aura. Natalie Edwards caught up with her at the Wrigley Extra Ice: Eat Drink & Chew Banquet at Smiths Of Smithfield this week.

Do you and your family chew gum?

I don’t really like my children having chewing gum that much. It’s only my little five-year-old because she just seems to stick it everywhere. The only day I sat on it in my lovely 1940′s crepe dress which was pretty annoying. But then I got a really good tip of Twitter as someone told me to put it in the freezer and luckily it literally just peeled off.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day?
I’m going to be spending mother’s day with Daisy and my mum. We moved house at Christmas and it is just amazing. We’re in the country and Somerset and I just have to pinch myself because it is so beautiful. I don’t think we’ll start a farm or anything though – I can’t farm in my heels!

Your clothing line is doing so well these days – you must be thrilled with the reaction you’ve had to your Peacocks range?
I’m really happy. Pretty mentally some of my designs for Peacocks that went on sale today have already sold out. I think it’s my best collection yet as it’s the most flattering for everybody. I’ve signed up for as long as they will have me. Daisy has got her swimwear next, then I have a childrenswear line and two more collections – A/W and Christmas and I’ve done them all!

Have you got plans to expand?
I would like to branch out but I can’t do a mainline range as it’s just so expensive and I haven’t got backing. I would like to do high-end but also keeping the long end stuff because I love Peacocks so much and I’m really enjoying the experience. I like the fact that all of my friends can afford it. It’s a dream job actually. I suddenly have a lot of friends…ha.

Did you watch Lily Allen’s documentary about Lucy In Disguise?
Do you know what it’s so weird that you’ve just mentioned Lily Allen’s vintage shop because I went to a vintage warehouse the other day and they only rent out to the likes of filmsets. They showed me their 1940′s collection and I was thinking ‘I’ve got a bigger 1940′s collection than that’. I’ve been collecting from such a young age and my mum said to me ‘Why don’t you rent out to films and stuff like that?’ I’m not sure though – I think I just want to keep it for Betsey and Daisy. I’ve got so much head-space that all I want to do is create.

Have you ever designed a wedding dress?
I’ve done quite a few wedding dresses but only bespoke ones through word of mouth and people contacting me through other people.

What about designing one for your friend Kate Moss?
I’ve never, ever, ever done it for anyone I’ve ever known. I think it would be really weird actually because what if it went wrong? So I’ve only ever done it for people that have contacted me. But I would like to do a wedding dress range one day. But I’ll get the childrenswear range off the ground first!

What about designing one for Daisy when she walks down the aisle?
No, she’s already said to me that ‘Mummy you won’t be designing my dress for me’. But it’s a long way off at the moment.

You don’t hope that you’re mother’s day present is going to be a son-in-law then?
I hope not. Not like that but Daisy is so young.

What age would you like to see her walk down the aisle?
I don’t know really. Just when she has done everything. There’s no rush is there? I waited until I was…38! I just liked to be sure after sixteen years! We just did it for the party to be honest. The dress was a whole other thing…

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