Introducing: Twenty Twenty

Posted by Dean Piper On March 30th, 2011

If you’re still mourning the loss of Busted then fear not as there’s a new pop-punk trio in the shape of swoopy-fringed teenagers Twenty Twenty. Frontman and guitarist Sam Halliday is joined by his brother Jack on bass and close pal Sonny Watson-Lang on drums. The boys are set to release their debut single Love To Live on April 17 followed by mini-album Small Talk on May 2. Natalie Edwards caught up with Sam and Jack to talk brotherly feuds, partying with The Saturdays and amassing a collection of girlie underwear…

Twenty Twenty
There’s been lots of comparisons already to Busted and McFly – how would you describe your sound?
Sam: We are just a fun-loving band and we love writing music that people can relate to and have fun listening to. We write lots of up-beat songs that people can dance along and party to but we also have a few slightly slower songs for people who have experienced some heartbreak in life. It’s a big mixture of everything really. When we write our stuff we always want to make sure that people can relate to it.

How long have you been together as a band?
Sam: Last month we celebrated our two year anniversary together although we’ve only been signed to Geffen for the last two months. We did a lot to build ourselves up on the independent circuit first. I think it means we enjoy the celebrity side of things a little bit more and get really excited if we get to support a really big band or get invited to parties.

What’s it like being in a band with your brother? Have you ever had a Gallagher-style disagreement on stage?

Sam: We are definitely not like stereotypical brothers who argue and stomp off into our bedrooms while telling each other to ‘bu***r off’. We have been close growing up together and at school as there is only a year and a half between us. Although the three of us are all like brothers and you wouldn’t immediately able to tell that it is Jack and I who are brothers.

It must make things easier having your brother there with you when it all starts to get a little crazy?
Sam: Like you say it is nice having someone there and almost like having one of your best friends always with you. We spent a lot of time during our teenage years playing guitar together and practising at home in our loft. We were always dreaming of being in a successful pop band so it is nice to have someone there who has your back when it all gets a little bit hectic.

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Do you think it was inevitable that  you were always going to be in a band together?
Sam: I’m not sure. From about the age of thirteen we were always playing together but then when you’re at school everyone seemed to be in a band together. I think we’ve always been musical from an early age and I’m really glad this had happened for us.

What can people expect from your mini-album Small Talk?

Jack: They are all pop-rock songs and we wanted to make an album our fans could relate to – for example there’s a song called The Puppeteer which is about someone being controlled in a relationship. There is something on there for everyone.

And I hear you’ve been working with Preston from The Ordinary Boys on some tracks?
Jack: Yeah, if you pre-order our single at the moment there’s an additional track on there called Tell Me A Secret which we wrote with him. It was done before we got signed up and we really liked it and were keen on getting it out there. Obviously he has done what we want to do and he was telling us all these stories of what he’s been through and how it all works. He gave us a lot of advice. He said to make sure that we enjoy it and listen to what people tell us.

Will you be releasing a completely separate full album?
Sam: Yeah, I think it will be in addition. Anyone that knows us knows that we never stop writing. The only time we’re not writing is when we’re sleeping or on tour. We have got loads and loads of songs already.

I bet you boys had fun supporting five foxy ladies like The Saturdays recently on tour…
Jack: It was so much fun and definitely the best thing that we’ve done so far as a band to date. Because every act was different on the tour it meant there was no competition and we could all get along really well. They’re just as up for partying as we are so we had a great time. On the last night in Dublin we had a dance competition and it turns out they have got worse club moves than we have. They were pulling out one’s like riding a scooter and playing ping-pong. Sadly we missed out on an opportunity to chat them up.

What strange gifts have your female fans been giving you?

Jack: They always bring us food because they always think we don’t eat on tour and buy us underwear too which is really strange. It all collects up – alongside the bras we get thrown on stage – in the back of the van and then at the end it all goes into a room which put all the stuff we’ve been given in. Hopefully it’s all clean!

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