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Posted by Dean Piper On March 27th, 2011

*It sounds like there was only one box to be in at last weekend’s matinee performance of the X Factor tour. I hear Keith Lemon and his mum Pat, Lizzie Cundy, Natasha Hamilton and Gail Porter drank their way through the entire bar allowance in their freebie box. Hell, Gail even got carried out by a friend because she was so sozzled! My source tells me: “The gang were on fire – drinking loads of wine and beer and loving the show. Katie Price arrived with Leandro too and Danielle Lloyd and seemed very unimpressed with how much fun the others were having.” And I’m told Katie was far from in the mood for fun too. Pitching up she fumed: “Can anybody speak f**king Spanish here? I can’t understand a f**king word he’s saying.” Who said romance was dead….

*Tailor Made Events boss Alex MacLean knows how to throw a party. Celebrating his birthday this week the effortlessly cool man about town hosted a private party at Morton’s club in Berkeley Square before continuing the partay back at Blakes Hotel until dawn. Guests included Meg Mathews, flamboyant financier Andy Wong and Francesca Versace. Alex, I salute you.

*Richard O’Brien doesn’t sound that thrilled with Glee’s version of the Rocky Horror Show. Asked what he thought of the recent episode he barked at the Lighthouse Gala Auction in aid of the Terrence Higgins Trust: “I didn’t watch it. Was it any good?”
His daughter Amelia, complete with a scrunched up nose in disgust, added: “If you like Glee then you’ll like their version. But Glee’s the worst thing in the world.” Alright love, whatevs.
Richard’s daughter Amelia was also introducing herself as “his daughter not his wife”. She added: “Everyone tonight thinks I’m his 22-year-old wife. He loves it and thinks it’s funny but it’s so embarrassing.” And creepy.

*Rumer continues to make waves in the music industry. To coincide with the release of her dreamy new single Goodbye Girl the Brit nominated singer is performing an exclusive show for Radio 2 at Abbey Road Studios. The show will feature special guests including Sandie Shaw too. There are two hundred pairs of tickets available for free via the BBC website – GO!

*Bless Cheryl Cole for not really knowing what to do when she came face to face with Prince Charles this week at a Prince’s Trust function. I’m told: “When the Prince arrived he spoke to Cheryl and Kimberly Walsh first and spent longest amount of time just with them. He seemed very charmed by the two gorgeous girls but Cheryl didn’t seem to know whether to curtsey or not so in the end gave him a huge smile and kind of bowed her head – while Kimberley did full on curtsey.” Ha!
Cheryl certainly sounded pleased to have slipped into the UK with no drama after returning from the States. She said: “It’s great to be home, I’m really excited and happy to be involved with these awards. I managed to sneak in, didn’t I?!” You sure did – top marks to you!

*Well Jordan’s new bit of hot stuff Leandro Penna has got the seal of approval from her besties, Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner. Gary told me at this week’s Lighthouse Gala Auction in aid of the Terrence Higgins Trust: “It’s life, it’s all just fun isn’t it? About having a bit of fun and not taking anything too seriously. There’s no surprises, there’s no stones unturned. He’s a good guy. He gets the gay seal of approval from us.
“The thing is you don’t choose family but you choose your friends. We’ve been friends with Kate for so many years it’s ridiculous. We almost get slated by people for being her friend, but what are we supposed to do, drop her, sell out like her other friends have? We’d never do that.”
Butch Phil added: “There’s a lot of tripe being written. But Kate knows what she’s doing.” Let’s hope so.

*Sam Womack wants to slip quietly out of her role on EastEnders. The star tells me she’s getting ready to leave the soap but there won’t be a big shindig before she starts her role in South Pacific on the West End. “I think at the leaving party at EastEnders I just want to creep out,” she told me this week. “I don’t want a big deal as I’m not very good at those big. It will also be very emotional because I will be saying goodbye to a lot of very close friends. I’ll be telling them that I love them all dearly. I’ll definitely miss Rita Symons the most.
“Then I’ll be going into South Pacific playing Nellie Forbrush and rehearsals start soon. I need to stop eating and get my arse into shape. My trick at the minute is to wear padded pointy shoulders as then it cancels the rest of your body out. I can’t wait to get my dancing shoes on as it’s five years since I was last on stage in Guys and Dolls.” Good for you!

Jonathan Ross sounds excited about his new ITV1 chat show now that plans are coming together. “They’ve have just confirmed the slot for my new chat show later this year,” he admitted at the Nintendo 3DS bash this week. “I can’t say what it is yet but it’s a great slot. I don’t think it’s opposite another chatshow host but I don’t think that matters as everyone Sky+’s everything nowadays anyway.
“I haven’t even begun to think about guests. I’ve already interviewed most of the stars but there are still a handful that I want to meet. I’m going over to LA soon to have a few meetings to see if I can get them but I’m not going to say who incase I’m unable to pull it off.” I look forward to hearing who he manages to get in the bag.

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