The legend that was….Elizabeth Taylor

Posted by Dean Piper On March 27th, 2011

There will never be another Liz Taylor. Fact. And a friend of mine told me a fantastic story about Liz that I just had to share with you all. My pal tells me: “She was bickering non stop with her last husband Larry Fortensky on a Concorde flight we were on once and she said to the cabin crew: “Darling, could you please get me another glass of champagne, and while you are standing up, can you have a word with your pilot, and tell him Liz Taylor needs him to put his foot down on the gas pedal.” When attendant said they couldn’t go any faster, and the bickering between her and hubby got worse, Liz shrieked to attendant: “Darling more champagne please. Could chopping logs get us there any faster?” Considering Concorde flew at twice the speed of sound this greatly amused me. RIP Liz.

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