Lisa Snowdon on her meningitis battle: "Thank God Johnny made me see a doctor."

Posted by Dean Piper On March 27th, 2011


Lisa Snowdon is finally back on form after her recent bout with viral meningitis. But she told me this week she owes a lot to her Capital FM breakfast show co-host Johnny Vaughan – who forced her to seek a doctor in the first place.

Lisa, promoting her involvement with the fabulous Spring/Summer M+S campaign, told me: “If it wasn’t for Johnny I could have been extremely ill. It literally took me away for three months. I should have gone to the doctor or the hospital far sooner than I did. It felt like the worst headache you’ve ever had in your life multiplied by a million. I thought I was having my first ever migraine and I let it go on for three weeks. Slowly but surely other symptoms began to appear. My back started hurting, I had a rash and a sore throat. All these signs built up. I got into the studio one morning and thought the lights were extra strong – I was light sensitive – and  Johnny got me to go to call his chiropractor and he immediately asked if I’d had a blood test and I was whisked into the doctors and then hospital. And that was that.”

Having known Lisa for years it’s surprising somebody so fit and healthy could come down with such a horrid illness. She laughed: “The worst thing is I’m the fit and healthy person. I detox and I go to Thailand and chill out and do yoga and I’m like: “colonics are great” and then I’m the person struck down with meningitis. I feel like I can’t preach to people about health anymore.” Continue as you were Missy!

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