Parade bag a new fan in Spice Girl Melanie C

Posted by Dean Piper On March 20th, 2011


New girlband Parade have a new celebrity fan in Spice Girl Melanie C. Emily, Bianca, Jessica, Sian and Lauren, who are set for a Top Five hit with their debut single Louder today have been backed by Sporty Spice herself.
“Mel C has really been supportive and has been tweeting us,” says Sian. “She has been a massive inspiration and told us that we’re the closest thing she’s seen to what the Spice Girls were. They had so much energy and were so individual and we’d love to capture that. Mel’s our ultimate girl crush and had come down to watch us rehearsing a couple of time and gave us some really good advice.”


I’m sure the rest of the girls will be joining the Parade soon – especially if Geri Halliwell learns one of the Parade members also has a fetish for inappropriately squeezing bums! “I accidentally grabbed Shakira’s bum,” laughs Jessica. “We supported her on tour which was amazing and we got to have our picture with her backstage. I put my hand around her waist and ended up grabbing her bum. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t move my hand and just left it there! It was a perfect bum and luckily Shakira didn’t say anything. We do love a bit of tush!”

But luckily Parade are not hitting a bum-note in the charts and after clocking up support slots with Alexandra Burke and Shayne Ward the girls are ready to launch themselves to chart success.
“Essentially we’re pop but also have a dance-urban twist,” says Lauren. “We’re really fun, colourful and energetic and we just want everyone else to enjoy in with us.”

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