OMG…..a quickie with Peaches Geldof!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 20th, 2011


Why do a show like OMG?
I just think I wanted to do a show to give something back to people. I’ve had a lot life experience. It gave me a chance to do the Louis Theroux thing by going out and meeting people and then the studio and find out people’s weird habits and life experiences. It was never going to be a Jeremy Kyle style show. It’s not pun dative and in your face. It’s a show that goes back to the Word days and that youthful factor. I think it will appeal to people that want a show from back in the day.

You’ve taken a bit of a kicking in the press of late over the show!
The critics are always going to try and tear me apart. I don’t know if they just want to slag me off. I hoped people would be strangely drawn into the show.

What’s your personal ‘OMG’ moment?
I don’t really have an OMG moment myself. Nothing phases me anymore. I don’t consider any of my life to be an OMG moment. I’m not phased my lots. People would have to take a dump on my face for me to be shocked.

What’s next for you? Acting?
I’d like to do some acting in the future. But right now I’m concentrating on writing lyrics and music. I’m with the band in LA. It’s a band with my friend Jay and a few of the girls. I’m the singer and Jay sings too.

Are you living in London more these days then?
I will be living more here in London because of Tom and because of work. I miss LA though and my work out there. He’s a thin guy. I’ve gone from Eli the bear to Tom the skinny emaciated boy. We have about the same size waist but he’s fit and I like him a lot. He’s actually extremely sweet. He’s a good Jewish boy. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. I won’t date a non Jew.

What would be the best compliment you could possibly receive?
For me to be compared in any way to my mother would be the greatest compliment I could ever have. She was the greatest.

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