BOYZONE EXCLUSIVE: Ronan talks touring, Stephen and whether it's the end of the Irish band….

Posted by Dean Piper On March 13th, 2011


Boyzone fans need to keep their fingers crossed big time. Because Ronan Keating and the boys MIGHT release their current UK wide Brother Tour on DVD at Christmas. But it all depends on the footage. Ronan told me this week at London’s O2: “The deal is we’ve financed the filming of the show tonight ourselves, out of our own pocket. It’s nothing to do with the record label. Whether we release a new album somewhere towards Christmas with a DVD attached or a separate DVD of the whole tour we don’t know yet.
“I know fans wanted our last tour on DVD but none of it was recorded. So that’s not possible.”
The star also said touring without Stephen Gately – who sadly passed in October 2009 – is still hard for the boys. “Dublin will be hard,” he admitted. “And the beginning of the tour was difficult. We all go out there and you still look for the fifth person. I doubt it’ll ever get easier.”
Ronan also made a point of saying this wouldn’t be the last Boyzone tour. He added: “This isn’t our swansong tour like some are suggesting. There will be a new album at Christmas – that could be a concept album. We definitely won’t be bothering with going for the Christmas No.1 though. With X Factor there’s no point.” Too true!

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  1. Lynn R Says:

    The Boyz have to release the DVD of the tour. The fans want to be able to have the tribute footage to Stephen especially as we weren’t able to have the DVD of the last tour. Please Boyz, think of the fans.

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