All the gossip from the Mamas and Papas 30th anniversary bash!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 13th, 2011

*Holly Willoughby popped into the Mamas and Papas 30th bash too and managed to stash a load of cute little dresses and a pram for showing face.
The This Morning star was overheard telling a shop assistant that she’s get a ‘normal’ approach to clothing during pregnancy. “Oh god yeah, I’ve recycled loads of clothes from my first pregnancy but then nothing is older than two years,” she said. “I’ve not held on to anything particularly sentimental. Although I still have my hospital robe from when I had Harry and I’d never give that away. I don’t know yet if I’d use it again for good luck.” Good luck Hols…

*Emilia Fox sounds like she’s taken to motherhood like a fish to water since having first daughter Rose four months ago. The Silent Witness star told me at the Mamas and Papas 30th Anniversary Party this week: “I’ve become one of those women who all they do is talk about her children. I used to be the person who didn’t care what their friend’s baby had eaten that day.
“But I’ve never been in better health than I am at the minute. You eat lots because you are wanting to look after yourself so you can care for someone else. Breast-feeding does wonders for losing the baby weight as does constantly running around 24\7 after Rose. I can fit back into all of my wardrobe. I don’t mind that I don’t get much sleep as I get excited about waking up and seeing her little face. Though to be fair she’s been pretty good at sleeping at night. It really is like a little hurricane comes into your life.” Bless Emilia.

*It sounds like Danielle Lloyd and Jamie O’Hara are planning on adding to their brood – although it doesn’t seem Danielle is quite so, er, game for it! Danielle laughed at the Mamas and Papas 30th bash: “If Jamie has his way then I’ll be having another baby very quickly. He’s told me that he wants four but we’ll see.” Jamie added: “I’m 24 and want to get them all out by the time I’m 30. I think if we have one after the other then we get them out the way. I don’t want to be an old dad. I’m only 24 but Danielle says I’m 24 going on 55 as I’m an old man at heart.” Just reading that makes me tired. Four?!

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