New Dad Elton John: "Lady Gaga won't be the Godmother."

Posted by Dean Piper On March 8th, 2011

Elton John is the proudest man alive now that he and partner David Furnish have baby Zachary in their lives. The legendary star couldn’t help but gush about being a father when I met him at his legendary AIDS Foundation Oscars Viewing party last week. He beamed: “We got back Saturday morning from our first family holiday and it was fantastic. Zachary went on the beach, in the pool and on a hike with us. It was fantastic and he just loved it. He’s already a great traveller.
“David and myself alternate the late nights and the nappies. But to be honest he’s sleeping brilliantly.
But Uncle Elton laughed at speculation that Lady Gaga is going to be the Godmother and that he’s already hoping to add to his brood. He said: “There are no plans to add to the brood – we’re getting used to having one baby. And Lady Gaga isn’t Godmother – that’s just speculation – we haven’t even decided on anything like that yet.”
Elton also wished Cheryl Cole luck with her move to the States for US X Factor. He revealed: “Cheryl will do well coming to the US. I’ve never met her but I wish her all the best with the US X Factor if she does it. I know I could never do that and judge on a show like that. I can’t be horrible to people – not new people. I don’t want to judge talent and break dreams.” Good for you, Elt.

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