All the gossip from LA at the Oscars….

Posted by Dean Piper On March 8th, 2011

*I can reveal Kelly Osbourne is once again back on the singles market after splitting up with her man for a nanosecond Rob Damiani. “I don’t have a boyfriend right now,” she fumed at Elton John’s AIDS Foundation bash in LA. “What’s wrong with people. I stand next to a man and I’m with them. It’s boring. I’ll be dating you next if someone spots us.” That I somehow doubt, Kel. Gentlemen, start those engines. Kelly’s looking hot as hell right now.

*The team around Britney Spears is taking no chances with keeping the former raver on the straight and narrow when she commits to her world tour for later this year.
I hear all staff currently being employed for the monster worldwide tour are being forced to sign the usual bullet proof confidentiality agreements as well as a contract where they promise not to drink, do drugs or party whilst on the road. My source in the Britney camp reveals: “So they can’t even go out on their time off or go and have a drink at all! They all have to be sober as “she doesn’t want to be around anyone who’s come into contact with alcohol whatsoever or be surrounded by that environment” as “it’s just too tempting for her.”
“That’s what we’ve been told. Obviously people are lining up round the block to work with her on this tour – so we’re all having to agree to it.” Enjoy the sobriety!

*Lizzie Cundy is going from strength to strength these days with her blossoming TV career. The Movie Show – which airs weekends at 1pm on ITV2 – features Lizzie interviewing a whole host of stars. I hear Lizzie is descending upon the Cannes Film Festival where she’ll be staying on a yacht and having the stars swing by for a chat. First up – Gerard Butler. The flirting between those two will be out of control.

*Leona Lewis isn’t just sticking to working on album number three whilst in America. I hear the star has been beavering away on designs to launch her own ethical line of clothing.
As well as designing all her wacky clothes of late – including that lip style top she wore recently – the star has been sketching inbetween recording sessions and hopes to launch her label early next year.
My source tells me: “She’s a very talented designer and has really getting to grips with her designs and sketches. She’s deadly serious about being a respected fashion designer as well as a musical artist.
“She’s hoping to prove the fashion world wrong.” Good luck to her.

*Courtney Love has a new flatmate when she moves into her luxury New York apartment. Step forward Lady Victoria Hervey. Lady V tells me: ‘I’ve got on with Courtney for ages and I’m going to be renting her spare room. I want to be a bit more bi-coastal nowadays so I’m going to be going over there for a month or so soon. I want to see more of the city.” Brave, and lucky, girl.

*Louis Walsh tells me he WILL be returning to X Factor this year, despite what my misinformed rivals have claimed. Louis told me: “I’m coming back for definite. I don’t know where this rubbish about me not returning comes from. I’ve always been coming back – and so is Dannii. I can’t wait to be reunited with her.”
Lou also told me who he is desperate to see join the panel for X Factor USA – and he says Mariah Carey is his top pick for the panel. “Mariah was initially in talks with Simon, then she got pregnant,” Louis said. “But I wouldn’t be surprised if she was persuaded to join the panel. She would be great. It’s just whether Simon can persuade her to go back to work so soon after giving birth.”
I joined Louis for a drink at Chateau Marmont just as he was finishing dinner with hardman Colin Farrell (an unusual pairing or what!). And cheeky Louis told me: “Colin’s great. He’s not drinking or smoking at all these days. He’s shagging like a rabbit though.” Louis, I salute you.

*I was thrilled to join Lindsay Lohan for a drink at the Chateau Marmont last Saturday night just as she was preparing to take part in a shoot with Oscar’s host James Franco in a private villa. The star woolfed down six oysters in preparation for the steamy shoot with Terry Richardson and told me: “I can’t get enough of these things but you need prawn cocktail sauce with them.” Lindsay was sober, chain smoked throughout and seemed very upbeat considering she’s possibly facing jail soon. She even cracked a joke about running off without paying the bill and quipped: “Better make sure I pay the bill – I don’t want to end up getting arrested…..again.” Love that.

*Good news for Glee fans. Lea Michelle will soon be hitting the big screen in two new movies. First of all the star will play the love interest of Ashton Kutcher in new rom com New Year’s Eve and I can reveal she’ll then fly out to Prague in the summer to take the lead in the big screen version of the play that made her name, Spring Awakening. My mole tells me: “Lea really made her name in the show on Broadway and she’s thrilled to have landed the part in the film. She’ll be there for a couple of months in the summer.” I literally cannot wait for that one….

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    So,Colin Farrell is back to his old habits,spreading STD’s and babies?
    His family must be so proud!!

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