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Ellie Goulding made everyone Starry Eyed when she scooped the BRITs Critics Choice Award last year and saw her debut album Lights sail to No 1. Since then she’s written for Diana Vickers and collaborated with Tinie Tempah on Wonderman and a No 2 single with a cover of Elton John’s Your Song. Natalie Edwards sat down with her at Vodafone’s LFW event to talk Burberry modelling campaigns, moving into acting and her highly-anticipated second album.

How was it heading back to the BRITs again where this year you were up for Best Female and British Breakthrough Act?
It was amazing – the BRITs were insane! I got to wear Vivienne Westwood and kept wondering if she saw it. I was really cool to be back and be nominated. Plus it was nicer having the awards somewhere different but I didn’t go to the aftershow though as I was a bit tired and not really up for it.

Who did you hang out with there?

The table I was sat on was positioned next to Justin Bieber. I was also next to Pixie Lott who is lovely and Jessie J too. It was a good little crew! My team are my favourite people so it was just nice to be around them. I didn’t get to talk to the Bieber but I’m sure he’s lovely – he seems like a really nice little kid. He’s way too young for me to fancy him but I’ve heard he’s a lovely kid.

Are you happy that Jessie J’s taken over from you as the latest BRITs Critics Choice winner?
We are on the same management so we have been aware of each other. She has always said that she is a really big fan of mine and I went to see her life and was like ‘wow’. She is really cheeky and fun. We’ve got a lot in common and have fun whenever we see each other. I actually interviewed her the other day for iTunes Ping and had so much fun. Apparently I’m really good and a natural at it. I could be your undercover reporter – I’ve always wanted to go round with a Dictaphone.


We spied you heading out to Burberry’s London Fashion Week show one of their gorgeous coats worth £2,595. Are we going to see you modeling for them in the future?
I didn’t get to keep the coat! But I feel like I won’t ever wear it again as it’s reserved for a really special occasion. Burberry have always been really good to me and they are fans of mine. But no, I don’t think I could be a model as I’m not pretty enough. I don’t think I’m the right person to be a model.

Would you ever like to branch out from singing?
I think being in a play would take up too much time as you would have to keep rehearsing and learning your lines but I would like to be in a film. I’d like to be in a small film with a small part to get a bit of experience.

What about teaming up with someone like Plan B who is a director as well a musician?

He’s really lovely and if I ever got the chance it would be great because it would be a whole new world. It would fun to be someone else rather than yourself for a bit. I did have some scripts sent to me but I wasn’t ready at that point. I’ve studied acting and it was my thing for a bit. I’ve acted all my life and definitely thought about it but I need to get back to remembering everything I was taught. Being a singer you have to be yourself so brutally but then with acting you’re being someone else so you have to get back into that frame of mind again.

Would you ever like to combine singing and acting and be in a musical?
No, I love musicals but I’m not sure about that. I think I would like to do a bit of acting at some point though.

How are you getting on with your second album?

It’s started to sound very dark and very weird. This album is going to be even more emotional – I’m all about emo. Captain emo over here! I wanted to make it so there is hope. I want to make an effect whether it’s happy or sad.

Have you been splashing the cash to toast the year you’ve had?
I bought a vintage Chanel necklace which was £800 from Matches. I saw it and I never impulse buy but I bought it like that. I’ve worn it a few times – including the Brits.

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