Sharon Osbourne is ready to kiss and make up with Dannii Minogue

Posted by Dean Piper On March 1st, 2011

Sharon Osbourne is extending the hand of friendship to X Factor judge Dannii Minogue, hoping to end their four-year feud.
And in a dramatic U-turn America’s Got Talent star Sharon says she’d like to make a return to the UK as an X Factor judge.
I caught up with the fabulous Sharon ahead of the Oscars in LA, where she told me: “It’s fair enough to say we didn’t get on for a long time. But that’s all in the past. Dannii used to just be an old Eighties disco queen to me but now she’s blossomed into a true woman and I have respect for her.
“I would love to return to The X Factor and sit alongside Louis and Dannii. It’s time for me to come home.”
But the 58-year-old fears this may be out of the question because boss Simon Cowell has no intention of putting her back on the panel. She said: “Simon doesn’t want me back. He’s definitely keeping Dannii and Louis on the show when he and Cheryl Cole go to the US but he’s not even asked me about returning. I think he’s scared about not being able to control me if he’s away in America! But they’re good judges. I’d keep Dannii any day – I really would.”
I’m really pleased that Mrs O wants to wave a white flag in Ms Minogue’s direction. After working together on the fourth series of The X Factor in 2007 the pair hurled insults as sharp as a botox needle at each other.
Then Sharon enraged Dannii when she said on the Graham Norton Show: “Dannii knows she’s there because of her looks, not because of her contribution to the music industry.”
Dannii, 38, remained silent until her book last year when she wrote about an X Factor dressing room incident: “Sharon was looming over me screaming and swearing… five minutes later she was holding my hand on stage.”
Could a truce be on the cards? Over to you, Dannii…

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