All the gossip from Oscars week in Los Angeles

Posted by Dean Piper On March 1st, 2011


*Piers Morgan is desperate to bag the first chat with Lindsay Lohan since her jail term last year. I hear Piers has been desperately trying to woo the star into talking and will be having her over for lunch any day now to try and seal the deal.
My source says: “Piers has been desperate to get Lindsay on his new CNN talk show and is going to pretty special lengths to get the deal secured. He’s determined to get her onboard.”
I also hear Lindsay has lined up her first movie role since her jail term in an action thriller called Escaping The Game. The flick is being produced by Lindsay’s close friend Lady Victoria Hervey among others and has a budget of £50 million. It will be so good to see her back on the big screen again.

lady v x

*There was only one venue to be during the build up to the Oscars – Soho House. The amazing venue looks over the whole of LA and they serve the most divine Grey Goose vodka cocktails EVER. I slurped on one surrounded by movie stars one evening. I had Colin Farrell behind me, Andrew Garfield to my right and Pierce Brosnan to my left. Unreal.

*Meg Mathews continues to carve herself a niche as a top designer – her scarves are all the rage in the fashion world right now.
I met Meg for lunch at the Fred Segal café this week and she told me it’s not just her that’s working hard. Her daughter with Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher, Anais, is also carving a career for herself – as a model. Meg told me: “Anais is 11 now and she’s modeling a bit. She recently shot a campaign for Paul Smith which is great. She’s such a cool girl and we’re incredibly close. But she’s in school now and works so hard. I couldn’t ask for a better little girl.” Sweet.

*Rumours that Carey Mulligan is dating Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal are wide of the mark. I can reveal Never Let Me Go star Carey is happily dating Brit actor Eddie Redmayne. A pal of the pair tells me: “They’ve been dating for a few months and it’s going well. It’s nothing too serious yet as they’re both busy. But it could be the start of something more long term.” I bumped into Eddie during my stay and he’s a thoroughly charming lad.

*Lawrence Fishbourne has a unique way of making sure we don’t forget that he starred in the Matrix movies – he wears a padded “Matrix Reloaded” jacket when he wonders around LA. I spied the star at on Sunset Boulevard in his jacket. Just let it go mate, let it go!

*Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz seem to be taking this gym and fitness business very seriously indeed. The pair have been spotted frequenting the –Gold’s Gym on Venice Beach in the past week. The gym prides itself in being ‘The Mecca Of BodyBuilding’ – and judging from Cam’s arms of late it is certainly doing the trick.

*E! News host Guiliana Rancic thinks Cheryl Cole will make a big impact when she starts work on X factor US. The red carpet host tells me: “Cheryl is perfect for the American audience. She’s beautiful, charming and clearly has a lot of charisma.
“We’re actually getting very excited for her to arrive and to realise why she’s such a big star in the UK. She’s pretty unknown here though – so I’m looking forward to finding out who else is on the panel.”
Guiliana also told me she can’t wait to come to London for an entire week in April to report from the Royal Wedding. She added: “You know what E! is like – we’re treating it very much like a red carpet event. Ideally we’d have Kate Middleton in the 360 degree fashion capsule that we use at all the awards. But I somehow doubt that will happen.”

*Colin Firth has promised if he does win his Best Actor Oscar then he’s going to keep the speech nice and concise. Colin told me: “I’m going to try and keep it as short as possible – if I’m lucky enough to get up there I guess I’ll just talk to the room. I don’t believe in the laundry list. There are certain people I do need to thank who are the reason I’m up there – but you know you would be there all night if you unburdoned all your gratitude.” He’s bound to cruise it….

*Last year I held Jeff Bridges Oscar at the Vanity Fair party in LA. But it would appear the golden statuette didn’t mean quite so much to him as it did to me – he’s lost his gong from last year. “I have no idea where it is,” he laughed. “It was moved when we had thanks giving and I’m not sure where it ended up. It might be in my sock drawer – I asked my wife to take it and hide it so I could find it in surprising spots – but that didn’t work out.”

*Helena Bonham Carter tells me she still hasn’t decided what to wear for the Oscars ceremony later today. The actress, nominated for Best Supporting Actress, revealed: “I’ve no idea what I’m going to wear. It’s a worry! Being a Gemini indecision is a problem – at the Globes it made my choice of shoe colour suffer. I genuinely couldn’t decide which pair to wear to chose to wear one of each! So who knows what I will decide on for the Oscars.” No doubt she’ll wear Vivienne Westwood. That’s a cert.

*I’m told the union between Rhys Ifans and Anna Friel is going exceedingly well. The unlikely pair were spotted together last week but I can reveal the pair have been enjoying a love in for quite a lot longer than we all think. A pal of Anna’s tells me: “They are a good match – we’ve all known about it for quite some time. They were hanging out last summer in Deia in Majorca where Anna’s got a house. But nothing started until more recently. He makes Anna laugh and she’s blissfully happy.” Good for them.

*Former boxer Joe Calzaghe was two beds down from me on my fabulously chilled Virgin Atlantic Upper Class flight to LA. It sounds as if the star is making a serious effort to break into the acting world in LA like fellow hardman Vinnie Jones. My source tells me: “He’s got a load of meetings about acting work. And things are looking good for him bagging a Hollywood role.”

*One star turning down her chance to be on the red carpet at the Oscars is Tron star Olivia Wilde. I hear the stunning beauty is hugely down in the dumps after the recent announcement that she’s divorcing her hubby of eight years, Italia Prince Tao Ruspoli. A pal of her s told me: “She was due to go to the Oscars but she’s decided to stay away. She’s struggling to cope with the divorce. It’s hit her hard.” Keep your chin up, Olivia.

*I hear Kelly Brook has been beavering away modeling her latest designs for her next swimwear range for high street store New Look. Kel’s been busy modeling the range in a series of photo shoots in LA in the past few weeks. There’s nobody better to model a bikini range – real women rock….

*Heather Graham hosted a swanky lunch at Soho House for Swiss jewellery and watch brand Piaget on Wednesday. The actress worked the room and nattered to other guests including Rosario Dawson, Minnie Driver, Alice Eve and Brit TV gal Louise Roe. Guests were treated to Ray Ban sunglasses as they left. Nice.

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