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Olivia Palermo may have made her name demonstrating her sense of style during her time on American show The City but she’s over in London to wave the red, white and blue flag for all things British designed.
Wearing a Jaeger dress, Temperley jacket and Charlotte Olympia shoe boots, the red carpet regular showed her supported for our high-street by taking a front row seat at the Look Magazine Show during London Fashion Week.

How do you think British style compares to American chic?
It’s funny because I think the British girl has such an awesome edge to her and she has the chicness of that cool factor. New York girls have a bit more of a polished look so it’s a great balance. You always think of a girl in a great little skirt, leather jacket and that’s the London look.

Who do you rate style-wise in the UK?
You can never go wrong with Kate Moss – the Moss is great – and Cheryl Cole’s fashion is getting better. I think to be honest all of my girlfriend’s working in fashion are the ultimate chic. They are my little celebrities.

Cheryl’s coming over to America soon to be a judge on US X Factor. What tips would you give her to top the style pages like you’re doing?
I wouldn’t give Cheryl any style tips for when she comes over to America to be honest. I think everyone needs to do their own thing and she has a style that works for her and has a following and I think that it will definitely translate to a US commercial market.

And I hear that you’re currently working on designing your own clothing brand….
Yes, at some point. I don’t know when as it’s not in production yet. It’s a work in progress and I don’t have anything formal right now. I can’t give away all of my secrets and tell you if I’ve done any sketches yet! My inspiration for it is going to be Old Hollywood glamour it will never get old and that will always be my answer. It’s really important to continue that in everyday dress.


Who would be your ideal person to dress – are you hoping celebrities will be walking the red carpet in it?
I want really chic girls to wear it. Really stylish girls that really loved to get dressed. I don’t think there is one big name that I would put out there. I think it’s just girls who get dressed and who have their own sense of style and make things work for themselves. To me that is the coolest thing ever.

Would you like a royal connection and have Kate Middleton wear one of your designs?
For me it’s not about the celebrity, it’s about the customer and making them feel good. I think it’s important that women know how to dress for a woman’s body.

And I also hear that you’ll be starting work on your own reality TV show?
No I’m not, it’s just a rumour. I think I will do at some point but it won’t be reality, it will be a documentary, but not right now. I think the focus will be on myself and young designers but I really can’t say too much because I really don’t know.

What projects do you have lined up this year?
My focus is on the modelling right now and that’s going really well. It’s really cool and I’m really liking travelling all over and seeing different places and doing it all on my own.

How do you stay in such great shape?
I think it’s just luck and my mum has amazing genes. Both my parents do.

Do you get to pig out on McDonalds?
I definitely don’t have McDonalds because McDonalds is garbage and so bad for your body. But it’s important to eat healthy and I course I like my little bit of candy and carbs. I love Sushi.

Words: Natalie Edwards

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