Posted by Dean Piper On February 19th, 2011


Actress Jaime Winstone is looking really good of late. She’s ditched the bottle blonde and gone for a natural shaggy brown hairdo. And after receiving rave reviews for her role in Brit flick Made In Dagenham I caught up with her after PPQ’s incredible London Fashion Week catwalk show where Jaime even decided to match the candy pink shade of her Vivienne Westwood shoes to her bottle of vitaminwater. Now that is impressive….

How are you enjoying day on of LFW?
So far so good! It started off pretty well today as I began with a bit of high-street fashion at the Look show. But I’m making sure I stay very healthy and avoiding most of the parties and sticking to my vitaminwater.

Is this part of a bigger health kick?
I’m not taking it too far and going to the gym! I start filming in about a week so you know, new year…

What did you make of the PPQ show?
It was really nice. I loved the textures and the velvet’s Amy uses. I also love the big hats – I think I’ll be doing a lot of them at Glastonbury for festival chic! I loved the whole look really.


Above: Jaime sits surrounded by Jo Wood, Laura Whitmore and Corinne Bailey Rae

How is your LFW shopping list shaping up?
Everything is on my shopping list at the minute! I’ve just bought an amazing new Vivienne Westwood bag which is pink with glitter and quite amazing. Plus lots of water and vitaminwater as that’s pretty healthy. Lots of shoes and lots of lovely things! Fashion makes you go a bit mental and Fashion Week makes you want everything and it’s kind of scary. I want everything in the PPQ collection – the shoes were so amazing with the feathers and the pom-poms.

I’m loving your new hair-style – I almost didn’t recognise you!
It’s funny, a lot of people haven’t recognised me with my new hair which has been quite nice. It wasn’t for those reasons though that I got it done, it’s for a job. I’m loving it –fringy!

Are we going to see you strutting your stuff down a catwalk again for LFW?
You know I’m not sure if I would walk the catwalk again. I did it once – actually three times – and I don’t know. It’s not something I really want to do but when you get asked my Vivienne Westwood or Pam Hogg you can’t say no. I like to watch them and I’m sure if they asked me again then I’d be obliged and it would be nice but it’s not something I have on my wish-list.

What acting projects do you have coming up?
I’ve got Elfie Hopkins And The Gammons coming up which is a project book I’m doing with my dad (Ray Winstone). It’s a comic book thriller. We are shooting it this year but I can’t really say too much. It’s 90’s grunge so I’m kind of based on a female Kurt Cobain. I think that’s pretty sexy. I don’t know if other people will think it sexy but I do. So luckily there’s no lycra going on – DM’s all the way! I’m also producing the Gammons right now and for me that’s my ideal kind of project. I’ve got it off the ground and it’s based on a comic book and I’m a bit of a comic book geek.
It’s a massive undertaking to also going into the producing side of things on a project.

Have you had any formal training or been learning on the job?
Yeah it’s really huge but f**king hard. I’m playing Elfie Hopkins which is an alter-ego of mine and I’ve been creating her for about four years so it’s really exciting. No I didn’t go into any training for producing, I just had to work really hard. I’ve got this really good thing of putting people in the same room and I buzz. I’m kind of a match-maker in work and I like putting people together in the same room.

Are you a good boss?!
I don’t think I’m a good boss – I’d be a really sh*t boss actually!

Are we ever going to see you make a permanent move Stateside to try and crack America?
I’ve just got back from LA but London is where I want to be. I’d love to work over there but when the right job comes up and when I really ready to go and do that. But for the moment this is where I’m working and this is where I want to be. I’m a massive London girl at heart.

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