All the gossip from the Brit Awards 2011….featuring Adele, Jessie J, Plan B, Tinie Tempah and Michael McIntyre

Posted by Dean Piper On February 19th, 2011


Adele is on fire right now. And she completely stole the show singing Someone Like You at the Brits. The lady herself was also looking fab in a vintage dress and sporting diamond earrings from De Beers. She told me: “I’ve been on a detox man! I’ve been five days with out fags, I’m five days clean!  I aint drinking, I aint smoking, no fizzy drinks, no sugar, no dairy, no spicy food, no citruses – no bloody nothing!”
And I love the fact that even though she’d currently got the WORLD’s biggest selling album she’s still refreshingly the same girl I met at the start of her career. She added: “This is a vintage dress…. I love it, I chose it and then I had to fit into it. I’ve got about 10 pairs of Spanks on just so I could get into it – it took me ages to get into them all. And the diamonds are from De Beers. It gives the meaning of getting De Beers in a whole new feel. Ha ha.” Indeed it does!

Michael McIntyre is a funny man – even when in the gents toilet. The comedian had me and twenty odd people in fits of hysterics when he starting saying gags whilst trying to pee in the urinal. But stage fright seemed to get the better of him with the, erm, intimate setting of an O2 loo. He’d been there for about a minute before announcing: “Don’t worry guys – I’m sure I’ll get there in the end. This, erm, never happens. But I will not give up.”
The guy next to him said: “Don’t worry Michael, it happens to all of us. Hang in there.”
The Michael said: “Nope, I don’t think I’m getting there. I may have to abandon this idea and go back to my table.”
Hysterical. For this tale alone you should buy his new DVD The Stand-Up Collection!

Critic’s Choice winner Jessie J is was proud as punch to be wearing Vivienne Westwood at the Brits – she told me she felt like Carrie in Sex and the City when it arrived for her slip on. The trouble is – the fashion designer herself doesn’t have a clue who she is! Jessie told me at the Brits: “I feel like Carrie did in Sex and the City when Vivienne Westwood said she would design her wedding dress. It’s my dream come true having Vivienne design a dress for me – I’m buzzing and I feel like this is my wedding day. I feel great in it like a really hot Christmas tree! I will have to change though because there’s room for movement, no bending over…and I wanna get down later.”
Just a day later Dame Viv told me: “I have no idea what is happening in the worlds of arts or entertainment. I don’t know who the clothes get loaned to – I don’t know who Jessie J is.” BURN. I’m sure she will soon.

Congrats go out to James Corden who was a huge success as the host of the Brits. To the point and funny – but not too funny – and it sounds like he’s gone down a storm with the bosses of the show. I can reveal he’ll be back next year to poresent the show again. He told me at the fabulous Universal after party at The Savoy: “I’ll be coming back. I’m just thrilled that it all went so well and hope everyone enjoyed it.”
The star also told me he dropped a stone ahead of the night. “I lost a stone – I’ve been training like an animal with that Matt Roberts,” he admitted. Looking good.

Olly Murs said Cheryl Cole snubbed a chance to sit with all the X Factor massive to fly solo on the evening. Olly revealed: “Cheryl didn’t wanna be on our table that’s what I heard – she’s sick of us! I guess I can understand that X Factor is X Factor – and she is here tonight as Best Female not a judge!” Fair enough I reckon.

Tinie Tempah cruised to victory with a double win at the Brits. But he sounded more worried about what he was wearing when I caught up with him. “I hope I’ve got it right,” he said. “I’ve always tried to be on it with fashion, I’ve always paid attention to it. When I was really young I used to choose what I wore – you know like when I was two years old. And it never left me.
“I travel heavy too – I take at least three really big suitcases with me at all times, and they’re packed full – I don’t fold I roll – I don’t have time to fold and you can fit more in.” Technique noted.

Peter Andre is still thirsty to be a big shot in the music world it would appear – he’s after a Brit next. The star, who was co-presenting backstage for ITV2, told me: “Just one year I would love to have a nomination at the Brits. As much as I love presenting I would rather a nomination than being asked to present the Brits main show. I thought James Corden did an amazing job and really played it well.” Oh good, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to know that.

Brit winner Plan B was on fine form at the Warner after show bash. The performer spent much of the night going round and squeezing the arms of unsuspecting girls and asking if they had a “widget”. I’m told a widget is a contraception implant. Eeeeek. He definitely sounded like he was happy with his performance. He told me: “I think the only way that I can top my Brits performance is to actually set myself on fire next time. Maybe I’ll do a Black Swan at the EMA’s and die for my art. You can’t get more extreme than that.
“I was worried I looked like a heifer on Newsnight this week so I’m glad people are saying I looked trim during my Brits performance. It’s all about the long shots.”
He randomly also told me if he was a tranny he’d be called Plan C. I feel he could have been celebrating a bit too much that evening.


Ooops, Cee Lo Green )above with me) ought to watch out when he next bumps into Gwyneth Paltrow. He told me he preferred duetting with the UK’s Paloma Faith at the Brits over Gwynnie on Forget You which they did at the Grammy Awards. Cee Lo, who’s fab album The Lady Killer is out now, revealed: “Who did I prefer performing with Gwyneth or Paloma? Paloma. Erm….actually you know, they are such different performers and good in their own ways.”
And the star, who flew over on a private jet from LA the day before the bash, said he was up for finding himself a British woman on the trip. He added: “I had hoped to find myself a nice lady coming to Britain and the Brits. There are a lot of gorgeous girls in the UK.” Ladies, any takers?

I couldn’t get over the size of Katherine Jenkins engagement ring. That Gethin Jones must be skint now! The star was on fabulous form at the Universal bash when I bumped into her. It doesn’t sound like her wedding plans are coming along at the rate of knots though. She told me: “I’m over the moon to be engaged. We’re just taking our time to celebrate it and am in no rush to book a date. I think we’ll get married some time next year. I haven’t really thought about designers for the dress yet. I love Vivienne Westwood who I am wearing tonight and Victoria Beckham. Maybe I’ll get some tips from the Royal Wedding. I doubt I’ll be invited to that – though I’d love to perform for William and Kate so if they want me then I’m there.”
Over to them!

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