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Posted by Dean Piper On February 13th, 2011

Rachel Stevens Orange Wednesdays Red Carpet Programme LOW RES

*Rachel Stevens (above) is trying to make her mark in the TV field these days. Today she’ll make a start on that new career by working on the red carpet interviewing the stars at the film Baftas. And she told me she couldn’t wait to meet the stars: “It’s incredibly exciting and my first red carpet working. I’m looking forward to the challenge and I really hope it leads to more opportunities.”
But it doesn’t sound like the former S Club 7 singer, who three months ago gave birth to first daughter Amelie, is just sticking to one genre in the showbiz world – she has lots to achieve. She added: “I’m getting back into the studio and want to sing again so that’s high on the agenda and I’m going to be doing lots more TV presenting. Historically ladies in pop have done well on TV – so if I can join the likes of Myleene Klass then I’d be thrilled. I’d also love to be a judge on a panel show. My dream job would be filling in on the panel of X Factor. I’d love to give the guidance to the contestants and I’m not afraid to speak my mind.” Over to you Mr Cowell….
Rachel is hosting the Orange Wednesdays red carpet coverage from the 2011 Orange BAFTAs today – the show will be available to view on Monday 14th February at

WHICH star once dabbled in acid. This young lady spazzed out so much so objects started melting into the floor ala Terminator 2. WOW!

*The female cast members of The Only Way Is Essex had better keep their filthy little mitts off of Mark Wright on the new series – because the diamond geezer’s girlfriend Kayla Collins isn’t going to let any other lady sink her claws in. I bumped into the I’m A Celeb star at the MTV Jersey Shores bash at Mahiki this week and she told me: “He’s with me now. We’re getting on so well and he’s so adorable. I’ve honestly never been happier. I’m not sure if I’m going to be in the show yet but he’s not going to be seeing any other women on the show. I’m popping back to LA for a quick trip to see my cat and then I’ll be back. I’m hoping there could be something special with Mark.” I’m sure Lauren Goodger and Sam Faiers are sharpening their claws in anticipation.

*Tamsin Egerton gained a lot from appearing in new flick Chalet Girl – she even bagged a NBF (new best friend for those of you over the age of 13). Tamsin told me at the film’s premiere this week: “You can see the chemistry between Felicity and I in the film. We got really close by the end, because we’re around the same age and we’re both from the UK. I guess we are NBFs.” Bless.

*Olivia Palermo sure has come a long way since her days on The City. Nowadays she’s a bonafide style icon. So that might explain why my spies in Gstaad, Switzerland, saw the clothes horse strolling in the sunshine with iconic fashion designer Valentino this week. My mole tells me: “She was carrying a Birkin bag and they were arm in arm – with a hot male model on the other side.” Good for her.

*You won’t catch Irish songstress Imelda May stripping off like naughty Lady GaGa or Rihanna. Instead of flaunting the flesh the singer – who’s album Mayhem is out now -  will be sticking to her 50s wiggle dresses. “I love people who have their own style but I don’t know if I’d have the nerve to wear leotards on stage as I like to keep myself a little more covered,” she giggled. “It’s nice to leave more to the imagination I think. You have no-where really left to go after everyone has seen what you had for breakfast!”

*Peter “Voice Of The X Factor” Dickson has a bizarre effect on Leona Lewis these days. Speaking at this week’s Chortle Awards hosted by Al Murray he revealed: “I have this affect on people who work on the show and I spoke to Leona Lewis about it not too long ago. She told me that every time she heard my voice ‘I have palpitations, can’t breath, my stomach tightens and my nipples pop out’. I said my God love, I’m going to be phoning you up every day. It doesn’t take a lot to work out why I get her nervous though because I am the last thing they hear before the doors open and they walk out in front of 20 million people. And then poor Leona gets palpitations and nearly dies of a heart attack. For anyone men out there now thinking of recording my voice and playing it to Leona, please don’t do that to her. She’s nervous enough already.” Ha!

*Any other husband wouldn’t be complaining about having lots of sex. But I guess when you’re trying to impregnate your wife it could become a chore. Just ask Richard Bacon. “I’ve been married now for three years and we’re trying to have kids at the moment,’ he told me at the Chortle Awards. “It’s another way of saying that we are having a lot of sex. And we’re working really hard at it. It does become a little bit routine after a while as it doesn’t feel the same as it did when you were a teenager. You’re more likely to say ‘Really? I’ve got another chapter in my book I want to finish’. But I imagine, like most people on Valentine’s Day we’ll be having sex. Not for romantic reason – it’s purely functional.” Good luck with that Richie!

*Ashton Kutcher didn’t sound ready for Valentine’s Day with wife Demi Moore at all when I caught up with him this week. Promoting new flick No Strings Attached he told me: “I’m getting back to LA just in time for Valentines Day but unless I manage to get a card and a gift some one is not going to be happy and its all gonna be very unromantic! I was in Paris and should’ve done something then but failed.  And now I’ve probably got an hour to go up to Bond Street, so let’s hope I can find something there…there’s always Topshop right?!” I fear Demi may require diamonds…

*Kristin Scott Thomas may face the wrath of Twi-hards after admitting she didn’t enjoy having a romp with Robert Pattinson. The British actor may have women falling at his feet but Kristin was unimpressed with the British actor on the set of their upcoming film Bel Ami. “See I don’t have an amazing crush on Robert Pattinson. He’s not my type,” she told me at the 31st London Film Critics’ Choice Awards . “I played one of Rob’s three love interests – he was very busy – but it was just the same as playing the love interest of any heartthrob.” Such a hard life, eh?

*Pierce Brosnan may need to get himself a restraining order against Olivia Williams who played his wifey in recent flick The Ghost Writer. Something tells me The Sixth Sense actress rather enjoyed working with the former Bond hottie. “The obvious attraction to the role was that I’d be married to Pierce. He’s the nicest man in the world and is phenomenally good-looking – breathtakingly so,” she said. “He would have had every right to be arrogant and impatient with someone like me who is a bit of a fan but he was kind, funny and self-effacing.” And scared-stiff too, probably!

*Ladies, prepare yourselves because Colin Firth has promised to pose in just his dressing gown if he scoops the Best Actor Oscar for The King’s Speech.
“I have a feeling that whatever happens in the next, whatever years I have to live, that I will find a pretext for re-enacting Faye Dunaway’s morning after pose,” he tells me
And it seems far from being the quintessential Englishman, Colin’s actually hiding a desire to pump out his lips and unleash his inner rockstar.
“I haven’t improved on playing the guitar since I was younger, even if I did play it for an hour or two yesterday,” he said. “I’d have been in The Rolling Stones if I could be in any band. But who says I haven’t already set up my own.”

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