Introducing: Diagram of the Heart

Posted by Dean Piper On February 13th, 2011


If you like your music euphoric, uplifting, and a tad camp then you’ll love this new male duo. Kye Sones and Anthony Gorry, aka Diagram Of The Heart, are definitely one to watch. The London lads already credit Fearne Cotton, Olly Murs and McFly as fans and are set to release their debut single If I Were You on March 13. Natalie Edwards sat down with frontman Kye – yes the one with the cool sweeping hairdo – to chat about weeing alongside Michael Jackson, their debut album and painting a derelict theatre orange.

Tell me more about what fans can expect from your debut album Vital Signs?
With the album we wanted to make music for people that live for the weekend. We kept calling them ‘weekend warriors’ and it’s for people that plan their lives around the weekend. While we were making the album I was working two jobs and then going to Ant’s studio in the evening so it was all about creating that release. As everything is so doom and gloom at the minute, we wanted to be the opposite of that. The general theme throughout the album is when it gets to 5pm on Friday and you just want to go out for the weekend and let loose.  We spent 18 months making the record in Ant’s spare bedroom as he has got a studio in there. It’s pretty small in there but we wanted to make sure we wrote and produced it all ourselves. It was a lot of work but we were chuffed with the end product. When we were writing the album we wanted to make sure the tracks were all really personal to us and there are a couple on there which are about a relationship which rapidly pear-shaped. But they are not sad songs; they are more happy-sad songs. It’s more to say that this is what it is and we’re now going out. We really wanted to get the euphoric-pop stadium feel. I think people really relate to the songs because they are quite accessible.

What jobs were you juggling while making the record?
I’ve done every job. I was doing labouring work on a building site during the day and it’s actually good for getting ideas for songs because it’s just everyday life. Then I’d sit on the tube for an hour everyday heading to Ant’s and would pick up ideas on the tube. One of the songs is called Tell Suburbia and it’s about me leaving Pinner which is where I grew up and heading to London. One day I was on the train on my way to Ant’s house and I saw a poster which said: ‘Maybe we should change the world…But we just don’t have the time’ so we put that within the song.


I love the video for your debut single If I were You. It’s very orange!
We hired Shepherd’s Bush Pavilion, which is a big derelict theatre, and we painted the whole thing orange. I’m not going to take credit for it as I didn’t personally paint it but I think it took a couple of days. Then we put lots of banners up and 40 foot posters. It made it look like a post-Communist Russian factory. We think it looks wicked. Now personally I think we should be sponsored by Orange as the advert has already been done for them! When we do gigs I always were a military jacket and for the video the director wanted to base it around it. We wanted to bring back the big epic pop videos of the 90’s as you just don’t see them anymore. We wanted to make a video on a massive scale and for it to be really euphoric.

And what’s all this I hear about you partying with Michael Jackson?
I go out and seem to randomly bump in to people. Basically I was quite friendly with the Prince of Brunei after I met him out in a club one night. He really likes pop music so we sparked up a conversation and I started hanging out with him for a couple of years. He always had a big party for his birthday and I got an invite. It was held at a big country estate, and at the time I was working for my brother doing building work, so we rolled up in a building van and parked it next to all these Rolls Royce’s and Lamborghini’s. It was absolutely mental and everyone in the party was somebody bar me and my brother. There was Jerry Hall and all these super-big movie stars. The Prince knew how much of a super-fan of Michael’s I was and kept winding me up saying he was definitely coming and that he’d introduce me. I was like, ‘You didn’t understand. That’s not like you’re introducing me to your mate Dave – it’s Michael Jackson’. There were only 100 people maximum at the party and we all had to sit down and have dinner and I just couldn’t eat knowing he was sitting a few tables away from me.

Did you get to speak to him?
Yeah, I got up and went to the toilet and while I was doing my thing Michael Jackson came and stood at the urinal next to me. I couldn’t say anything to him because what do you say – ‘the weather’s sh*t isn’t it? or ‘Cor, what about this place, eh? Big palace.’ I then washed my hands for what felt like an hour and then we got outside the loo I said hello to him and shook his hand. It was mad. At the time I gave him my demo CD and he put it in the breast of his jacket pocket and he was like ‘God bless you, God bless you’. Then I said the one thing I thought I wouldn’t say which was, ‘Oh my God, I think you’re amazing. I love you’. Then I just got really drunk after that. He was running around all night after that but I didn’t want to go and talk to him again because I didn’t want to ruin that wicked moment I’d had. Then we got in my brother’s work van and drove home the next morning!

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