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Posted by Dean Piper On February 6th, 2011

WHICH star needs to remember how much trouble taking cocaine got her in first time around? I hear she’s back on it and partying once more. Tut tut.

DeanHurts (2)

*Hurts (above with me) celebrated a roller coaster few months with a sell-out gig at London’s Forum in Kentish Town this week. Supported by the wonderful Clare Maguire the boys killed it on stage. Boy George was in the audience alongside me and I can safely say the lads didn’t let anybody down. Vive Le Hurts. A little birdie tells me the lads with re-release their show stopper Better Than Love for a second time before starting work on their second album. But first of all – new single Sunday is out February 27.

*For a Madonna fan there’s one thing we’ve all continually been troubled by. Her Madgesty’s decision to not release the Blonde Ambition world tour on DVD for fans. It’s arguably her best ever tour and featured that infamous mock masturbation scene that shocked and outraged the Pope. Scenes from the tour were used in her In Bed With Madonna film but now I’m hearing that the star is finally ready to get the DVD completed and ready for the fans. The sheer hunger for this DVD is unreal. My source tells me: “She’s going to release it – but it’s been a case of her having the time to put it together and make it fresh for 2011. It’ll be later in the year – before her next album possibly. There’s no firm date set in stone yet – but the wheels are in motion.” Come on Madge – get a move on!

*Another awards show, another loss for Coronation Street despite what can only be described as one of their best ever years on the box when it comes to characters and storylines. This time the Street lost out to Emmerdale at this week’s Broadcast Awards. Jane Danson who plays Leanne Battersby said she hopes they’ll come back strong next year. Jane said: “The tram crash storyline seems to have missed the nomination period for most of the awards shows. It was only recently. I hope that next year we can come back and wipe the slate clean.” William Roache aka Corrie legend Ken Barlow added: “It’s true – we have had an amazing year but missed a lot of the deadlines for the awards show. Don’t you worry – we’ll be back with a bang next year.” Rather impressively I then watched William, Jane, Samia Smith, a rather sozzled Chris Gascoyne who plays Peter Barlow and two friends squeeze into a photo booth to take souvenir snaps. They deserved an award for that squish – let alone the acting!
Other stars at the Broadcast Magazine Awards included Fearne Cotton, Sharleen Spiteri, Adrian Chiles, Gareth Southgate and Elle Macpherson.

*Tricia Walsh Smith is an extraordinary human being. She has more front than Brighton Pier and self belief by the truckload. You have to commend her for that. The self proclaimed star tells me she’s saved the current series of Louie Spence’s Showbusiness by appearing on it! Tricia, erm, revealed: “Well the thing is I was brought in after a few episodes because they realised without me the show didn’t quite work as well. Louie and Andrew Stone are not fans of mine and Pineapple founder Debbie Moore hates my guts – but they realised they needed me so I’m thrilled to be in the show until the end of the run now.”

*Dame Judi Dench is hoping Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter reign victorious for The King’s Speech at this year’s Academy Awards. Speaking at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards he said: “I’m very, very pleased for Colin that he is up for an Oscar. Colin has a lot of special qualities and has had them for a long time, not least behaving very badly on set. He is a terrible laugher when things get serious. I hope it is his year though. It could be Helena’s year this year too. You just have to keep your fingers crossed. The Oscar ceremony is very, very long. If you sneak out then someone sneaks in your place as a seat filler. It’s never happened to me because I have the constitution of an ox. At an Oscar’s long, long ago Helena and I were dressed up to the nines with a lot of jewels on but at the end of the night we had absolutely nothing to show for it and we sat crying with laughter at the end just saying ‘Look at us’.” Judi is beyond busy at the minute – not only is she returning to Bond to play ‘M’ in the next flick she’s also starting work on Clint Eastwood’s new film J.Edgar where she’ll play Leonardo DiCaprio’s character’s mother.  “Thank goodness Bond has been saved,” she squealed. “Of course I wanted to do it again. Because you get to work with Daniel Craig and you get to go on location if you’re very lucky and get to wear a few sharp suits. Then I’m going off to work to work with Clint Eastwood in a week’s time on J.Edgar. I’ll be Leonardo’s mother. Clint Eastwood attracted me to the apart.” Good luck with that, M’lady. Tune into watch documentaries on the winners of the awards from February 1 on Sky Arts 1…..

*Kate Hudson seems so happy with her life right now. She’s pregnant with her rocker boyfriend Matt Bellamy of Muse and releasing new flick A Little Bit of Heaven to rave reviews. But all she cares about is shopping for her growing figure! She tells me: “I heard Topshop has a Maternity department – which sounds amazing so I’m going to have to go there! I love clothes and I love to shop while I’m here. I’m feeling really well thank you and yes very happy with all that’s going on in my life. I’ll obviously be spending a lot more time in London now but I’m not sure about moving though – not yet! We’ll probably split it 50/50 – I do love it here and surprisingly I do love the weather. It’s so nice to have seasons.”
Kate also tells me she loved work on her new flick – mainly because she didn’t have to wear much slap. “I’m like a guy,” she adds. “I hate having my hair and make up done – I find it so boring sitting and waiting for it all to be done.  When I’m not working I really can’t be bothered so I don’t wear any make up – unless I have a huge zit or something and I’ll cover that up! But I like to wear no make up – and yes I know I pay for that because then I get my picture taken and that it goes everywhere – ‘look at how bad Kate looks’, and I think maybe I should’ve worn make up ….but it’s too much effort and I’d rather be playing with my son, or what ever!” Kate makes a lot of sense.

*Dominic Cooper is sounding rather rock and roll these days. Asked what his biggest vice is – sex, drugs or rock and roll – he said: “All three! They seem to be the best vices a man can have.” Righty ho! Dom went on in an interview, out in Company magazine this Thursday, that his dream film role would be playing either Michael Hutchence or Freddie Mercury in a biopic of their lives. “They’re rock idols of mine,” he said. I bet!

*Michelle Gayle celebrated her 40th birthday on Friday night with a celeb packed bash at London’s fab Italian restaurant Avista. Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding, Kelle Bryan and Louise Redknapp all pitched up for the bash that started with dinner and ended with Lucky Voice.  Sarah and former EastEnder Michelle have become firm friends since being introduced by style guru Nick Ede. And Sarah and Michelle have loads in common – they’re both engaged and planning their weddings!

*Chipmunk is planning to shoot his next video in Jamaica – it’s alright for some eh! He’s a lucky little, erm, rodent isn’t he. His first video for Flying High was shot out in South Africa and current single Champion feat Chris Brown was filmed in Miami. The star is now planning a new exotic location for every video from new album Transition (out in April). Why not!

*It seems Russell Brand’s cheeky ways are rubbing off on Dame Helen Mirren after they filmed upcoming comedy Arthur together. “Russell gave me a pair of his pants and I’m going to have them framed and put up in my office I think,” she laughed. “Russell told me they were used but I don’t believe him.” Skanky!
And despite being acting royalty Dame H isn’t getting a hat ready for the royal wedding. “No, I won’t be invited sadly. Of course I’d go though! That would be fantastic,” she revealed at the Brighton Rock premiere this week.

*It’s a Tragedy Steps never performed for the UK at Eurovision. But fear not Steps fans as they may soon be back on stage thrusting those hips furiously. “We’ve been asked loads of times to do Eurovision but even we have a cheese factor limit,” Faye Tozer revealed. “It wouldn’t be right for us. No-one votes for England and what’s the point of doing it unless you come first? It could be bad for your career. That’s why I’m in two minds about Blue now doing it but at least they’ll get a single out of it. I do think it would be good for us to do a tour again for nostalgia. We did love touring.” Yes!

*I’m very excited to hear that Blue are hoping to enlist Kylie’s creative director William Baker to make their Eurovision performance a stage spectacle.
I caught up with Antony Costa at the aftershow of Leslie Jordan’s My Trip Down The Pink Carpet and he told me the boys are planning lots of surprises.
“We want to make our performance as big as we can and that’s why we’d love to get someone like William involved,” he said. “The song, I Can, is very anthemic and typical Blue. They’ll be no gimmicks though – I really admire the performance of Love City Groove in 1995.”
And Ant’s not worried about the dreaded ‘nul points’. “We just want to go out there to have a good time and proudly represent our country,” he said. “We want to get everyone behind us and cheer them up as there’s been so much doom and gloom with the credit crunch.”

*Brace yourselves ladies….Hanson are back. But the long-haired MMMBop-ing brothers have apologised for inspiring the likes of Justin Bieber and The Jonas Brothers to follow in their footsteps.
“Can we please say a big sorry for that?” asked Issac Hanson at their secret London gig on Tuesday. Bit late now…

*The Only Way Is Essex’s womaniser Mark Wright may have made I’m A Celeb’s Kayla Collins his latest conquest but his fellow cast mates don’t reckon it will last. What a surprise!
Harry ‘Shut up! Derbridge told me: “I can’t see it lasting very long. I doubt Kayla will feature on the show either as the producers want to keep it all about Essex. We start filming in March a week before it will go out on telly so it’s all very fresh.” Miaow!

*Jason Gardiner be warned – Denise Welch is sharpening claws! Good on her I say as it’s about time the catty judge shut his trap and hid those irritating teeth.
“I’m going to stand up to Jason this week if he’s mean again,” said Denise. “What he’s saying is just nasty and not constructive. I can’t believe he told Laura she has stumpy legs. It’s cruel. But I’ll make sure I stand up to him in a comical way. To be honest it doesn’t matter if he gave me no points as it’s always the public votes that see me through.”
Looking super-trim and having lost over a stone thanks to her Dancing On Ice workouts, Denise has had a novel way of shifting some extra pounds this week.
“I’ve had the runs really badly this week so that’s helping with the weight loss. I haven’t had any time to enjoy my new body yet though.”

*Paul O’Grady reckons Fern Britton was the perfect person to take over his old Channel 4 teatime slot over rivals Peter Andre and Vernon Kay.
“I love the bloody bones off her and think she’s going to be a fantastic replacement. I wish her the best of luck.”
But before he returns with a second series of Paul O’Grady Live on ITV1 he’s keeping himself occupied with household chores.
“My house is currently overflowing with washing. I was in panto and then went on holiday and got no washing down during that time so it’s literally started to talk to me.” Eugh!

*Will & Grace’s Leslie Jordan may be a minute 4’11 but his autobiographical show is larger than life. The Emmy winning actor rolled into town to London’s Apollo Theatre with My Trip Down The Pink Carpet and it’s full of laughs, poignant moments and a very important message. Leslie – who played Beverley Leslie in the hit US show – was on fine form at the aftershow too where he flirted with a hot male clock-room attendant and tipped him a tenner. The show runs until February 19 so don’t miss it!

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