N-Dubz star Tulisa Contostavlos talks…..politics!

Posted by Dean Piper On February 6th, 2011


Students and kids rejoice – there’s a new voice for the younger generation and she’s ready to fight the government for your rights!
Step forward Tulisa Contostavlos – one third of urban trio N-Dubz.
I met up with the unlikely political activist for an exclusive chat this week and she talks so much sense. I’d vote for her!
First up for discussion was university fees and the controversy surrounding plans to raise fees. She fumed: “I think it’s disgusting what they’re doing right now. I have a voice and I want to use it.
“If I wasn’t doing music then I’d be at university and I’d be struggling to pay for things with a huge student loan hanging over my head. It would be me in the position that thousands of kids are right now.
“These people will be in debt for most of their life if the fee hike comes into place. I can’t believe these politicians are getting away with it.
“I haven’t met David Cameron yet – but I’ll talk to him about University fees when I do. I just find it amazing that you can’t ever trust a politician. These people are all undercover lizards from different planets. It’s a disgrace to our country that they are in charge.”
But the high profile protests over university fees is not the only political issue troubling the singer. Transport is another area she feels the British people are being fobbed off.
“The Government are continually complaining about people using too many cars so they’re telling us to use public transport but because of the privatisation the fees are ridiculously high,” the straight talking popstar says. “How can people afford to be good and take a bus?
“Give us a reason to get on that bus, that’s what I say. We’re buggered with transport whatever we do.”
Knife crime is also an area the singer has been vocal in – the band once performed at an anti-gun and knife crime event.
And the star thinks it’s time action was taken! “Schools should have safety checks – metal detectors or whatever it takes,” she says. “I bet half the kids at some schools are carrying knives around. How can you not be sorting things out when kids are dying out on the streets?
“Look, if they won’t give kids youth clubs or places to go during afternoons and evenings then how can the Government expect to cut down on yobs hanging on the street and crime rates? You need to give young people places to go – and fund it. And if they want knife crime to go down then we need proper safety checks.”
I was shocked to meet such a forward thinking smart girl. Tulisa for Prime Minister!

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