Blue will be the UK's Eurovision hopes in 2011

Posted by Dean Piper On January 30th, 2011


It’s time for the United Kingdom to All Rise, because I can reveal Blue will be our Eurovision Song Contest entry this year.
The lads – Duncan James, Anthony Costa, Simon Webbe and Lee Ryan – have been busily beavering away on a fantastic new track called I Can to hopefully clinch a win at the ceremony in Dusseldorf on May 14.
And they’re confident about being able to win the competition and avoid getting any “nil points” from any of our European neighbours.
Duncan exclusively told me last night: “We’re celebrating our 10 years together in 2011, so when the BBC approached us it seemed a great way to mark the occasion and also to be part of something which is still a British Institution.”
In coming weeks filming will start on a special one-hour documentary (ala Take That) showing Blue’s preparation and the show will air in April. It will feature the lads recording the single, travelling to Europe to promote the entry, and receiving advice, help and hints from some of the biggest names in the music business. It will air on BBC One in April.
And the Beeb seem to be right behind the boys. BBC Head of Entertainment and Events Katie Taylor says: “We’re enormously pleased to have found an act that not only meets but exceeds all the criteria for a great entry.  Blue are the perfect choice and we’re so proud to have them representing us at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.”
If you ask me we all need to get behind Blue. Whereas in previous years we’ve relied on utter tripe and nobody artists to fly the flag for Eurovision this is the most progressive decision the BBC have made in an age.
Simon says: “I’ve always wanted to represent my country, so this is a truly exciting experience for Blue”. And Antony added: “We hope you all love ‘I Can’ and that it reaches out to a whole new audience in our bid to do Britain proud!“
So thankfully we are not going to have to deal with the BBC’s usually dreadful ‘search for a Eurovision star’! A source tells me: “The BBC are being a huge support. They’re not up for messing about with rubbish acts and tacky songs this time around. They’ve gone for a pop act with punch and they’re hoping it will mean huge success this time around. To have Eurovision and the Olympics in the UK in 2012 would be a real achievement – so they’re pulling out all the stops.
“Blue have sold millions of records and had No.1 hits all around Europe so they’re established. This time around they mean business. It really is a case of, if Blue can’t win the competition then who the hell can?”
So altogether now. Blue to win Eurovision. I. Rest. My. Case.

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