All the gossip from the National TV Awards featuring Cheryl Cole, Fearne Cotton, Sheridan Smith and Rita Simons

Posted by Dean Piper On January 30th, 2011

*Cheryl Cole goes to great lengths for her fags. The star whipped her Louboutins off and literally sprinted down a 200 metre corridor to grab a fag halfway through the National TV Awards. Cheryl ran past me squealing at a security guard: “Where are yer taking us like?” And letting out a huge yelp as she hit the cold air.
Earlier in the evening the star told me how she picked her Versace gown for the red carpet. She said: “It’s as simple as this – either I like something or I don’t. I should probably think about fashion more than I do. I love glamorous women and I admire them. But it’s hard being a woman.” I can think of harder lives to have if I’m honest.

*EastEnders star Rita Simons is pretty much my favourite soapstar to bump into of an evening. She’s loud, fun and outspoken. And she didn’t disappoint when I saw her ahead of this week’s NTAs. She laughed: “You need to watch out for me later, Dean. One of the last times I went out I got twatted and snogged a gay script writer from the show and went wild. I had to wake up to the papers writing about it – as well as having to apologise to my husband.”
And Rita has a hilarious approach to her outfit on the evening – where she had her boobs on full display for everyone. “I’ve got great tits so why not,” she laughed. “But it’s so cold they look like goose skin so I’ve probably ruined my appearance on the red carpet already.” I. Love. Rita.

*Fearne Cotton is hard at work preparing to run a half marathon in March with her bezzie Kye Sones of new band Diagram of the Heart. After a 10 mile run last weekend the star was still feeling the effects at this week’s NTAs. She said: “It’s tough – really tough in fact. We pushed ourselves this week but are going to stick to an eight mile run this week – I’ve set myself the challenge of doing the run and it’s a huge challenge for me. We’ll get there in the end – but whether we do a full marathon is another thing entirely.”
I congratulated the star on her bikini body too after pictures surfaced of her on holiday with her fiance Jesse Jenkins recently But she was far from impressed by being papped sans bikini for the first time. “I was literally mortified by those snaps,” she said. “It has never happened to me before and I hated looking at them. So unflattering and so gross.” I thought she looked fab.
Anyway, there’s no sign of a wedding in the near future between her and Jesse she added: “I’ve had no time to plan any of my wedding. Not yet. I don’t know what we’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day – let alone a wedding. We’re not that romantic so we’ll probably go to the cinema or something boring like that.”

*Former Legally Blonde star Sheridan Smith is thrilled to be joining Sienna Miller in new Trevor Nunn play Flare Path from March on the West End. She told me at the NTAs: “I’m going to be joining Sienna Miller in the Trevor Nunn Play Flare Path. I was always going to take a break after Legally Blonde finished but I’m a complete workaholic and it was too good an opportunity to miss.
“I’ve never met Sienna but I can’t wait and we go into rehearsals on Monday. Maybe we’ll become friends and can head out shopping although I’ll need to raise my game as I’ll be turning up to rehersals in trackie bottoms. I am single at the minute and have been for ages now. I couldn’t even go out on dates the whole time I was doing Legally Blonde because I would only get Sundays’ off. Maybe Sienna can set me up with someone. But I’m pretty career focused and I always have the fear that I’ll get found out soon as I’ve never actually trained to be an actor. I have a real fear of getting found out.”
Flare Path by Terrance Rattigan is to be revived at the Theatre Royal Haymarket between March 10 and June 4 2011 and the two ladies will appear alongside Rome actor James Purefoy in the new adaptation. It first ran in the West End in 1942! Good luck to all involved.

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