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Posted by Dean Piper On January 16th, 2011

*Is X Factor star Katie Waissel slowly forgiving her granny for for being a prostitute? It seems so.
“She’s always going to be the same old person to me and of course I love her,” Katie told me at the Brits launch. “It was interesting to see her on This Morning but I just want to make sure she’s safe and OK. Whatever she wants – that’s her business.”
And Katie was up to her usual tricks seconds later boasting she’s going to be able to duet with ‘pal’ Amy Winehouse on her new album.
She said: “I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can do a collaboration with Amy as we’re neighbours. We hang out in the same places and know the same people.” I somehow think Amy has bigger fish to fry!

*Jay Sean has sensationally declared “f**k the BRITs” after he was snubbed for one of Dame Viv’s designed gongs.
Despite being one of the UK’s biggest musical exports stateside, the singer-songwriter has never been up for an award at the UK’s biggest awards show.
“I’m so over the BRITs, f**k the Brits and I don’t care if I never get nominated. I know that I’ve been more successful than half the people on the list but I don’t need a nomination to tell me that,” he says. “I know how many singles I’ve sold, how many albums I’ve sold and how much money I’ve made out the game.” And breathe…

*Paije Richardson tells me X Factor’s Cher Lloyd and boyfriend Karim Roundi are getting “very serious” after just a couple of weeks of dating. “They are really happy with each other,” says Paije. “They’re always saying ‘I love you’ to each other and it’s like, shut up!”
And Paige defended his best pal Karim over allegations he cheated on the chav singer. “It’s bullsh*t. It did happen but was weeks before and they weren’t even together,” he fumed at the Brits launch. “He’s a good guy and a good boyfriend. But for the last two weeks I’ve been teasing him by calling him a ‘sex rat.’” Nice!

*Star’s including Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams and Kerry Katona gathered for the Morning Glory film premiere this week. The comedy flick tells the story of a failing breakfast TV programme called, er, Daybreak! Thank God the UK’s Daybreak is doing well now.
Rachel McAdams said she wants to work with former Mean Girls co-star Lindsay Lohan again. “Yeah I think that would be great,” she smiled. A slender Kerry Katona banged on about having no time for a new man saying: “Let me get divorced first!”
Stacey Soloman revealed she’s saving all her hard-earned pennies to buy a love-nest with boyfriend Aaron Barham. “We’re not planning on getting married just yet but I’m working on getting a new house by the end of the year.” And The Only Way Is Essex’s Amy Childs gave me the lowdown on her city-broken boyfriend Joe: “I’m so happy and he treats me like a princess. He’s not into all this showbiz, bless him, and doesn’t want to be in the show. But he’s got to be because we’re a couple and I’m happy.” Good for her.

*Earth to Heather Mills, you’re still beyond nuts. The almighty believer quite literally pounced on on a shopper in the queue for Whole Foods in Kensington this week to talk about her, er, muffins.
In fact my pal says Heather was practically shrieking to a shopper queuing in front of her about her…..vegetarian muffins.
Heather said: “My muffins are the best. They are vegetarian organic, you know. And you should buy them. In fact everyone should.
“I’ve got loads of flavours too with my muffins. Did you know I want my muffins to go global – like the Beckhams, I suppose.”
This woman’s self belief is so strong she could bend horse shoes. Good for her!

*Frank Lampard must be serious about the beautiful Christine Bleakley – he snubbed his team mates after scoring two goals against Ipswich last Sunday in order to meet his missus.
My spies say Frankie boy turned up with his kit bag and in his Chelsea tracksuit at the Duke Of Clarence on the Old Brompton Road. My perfectly placed source tells me: “He literally came off the pitch and straight to the pub – he was wearing a big baggy tracksuit and t-shirt. It was just himself and Christine for a while and then they were joined by her friends.
“Frank looked totally besotted with her, hanging off her every word. He was drinking beer, she stuck to a coke. Christine’s friend started jokingly saying to him ‘Bet you got the piss taken out of you for running back home to the missus instead of celebrating with the lads.’ But Frank then gave a really cute smile over to Christine who was laughing and replied ‘yeah’.” Bless them – I like them as a couple.

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