Five of the best – the new girlbands on the block….

Posted by Dean Piper On January 16th, 2011

Aside from the Saturdays there just isn’t a girlband out there making waves in the pop world. And 2010 was all about the boybands. But all that’s about to change. There’s a huge influx of new female pop acts breaking through. So instead of you having to discover them on you’re own I’ve made it simple – here’s my top five new girl bands.

Wonderland Wall Shot Small

1. Wonderland are managed by Westlife’s Kian Egan and Jodi Albert is one member of the five-piece group. There’s no gimmicks in this line-up. All five have incredible voices, not over styled and not too gobby. Great songs and literally wonderful acoustic voices mean these girls are big news. I saw them this week and they were on fire. First single Not A Love Song is released 7th March. Check them out if you love raw talent. Log onto

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2. SoundGirl are Mercury’s big girl group. Since meeting at school these girls have been creating waves. Like a modern day Sugababes these ladies are bound to be big and represent the urban girlband scene. They write their own stuff and have also worked with a raft of songwriters, including Toby Gad (Beyonce, Jordin Sparks and Alicia Keys) and Wayne Wilkins (Cheryl Cole, Jordin Sparks). Check out Debut single is I’m a Fool and it’s out in April.


3. Parade are the much-hyped Spice Girls style girl group. In fact Mel C was the first person to tell me about these ones. She said: “They’re the closest thing to what we were when we kicked off. Full of life, great voices and good old fashioned pop songs.” They’ve already supported Shakira and Alexandra Burke. Louder is their first single and it’s out March 7. Check out

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4. The Scarletz are the equivalent of the All Saints in 2011. Fresh, soulful and sexy. These ladies are creating waves with their laid back attitude – they love a bit of ska dropped into the mix too. Me likey! They’re currently on the all important school tour and are in the studio next week with Thunderkats and the week after they are in with Tomo Fabien Waltmann who has produced Nelly Furtado and No Doubt. I’m expecting big things from them. Check


5. The Ultra Girls are former X Factor rejects. Cute look but not the strongest of voices compared to some. But they are supporting Kylie Minogue on her Aphrodite tour in March. Not bad eh! The team behind Ultra Girl includes executive producer Steve Anderson (Kylie, Westlife, Britney), stylist Kenny Ho (Spice Girls & Girls Aloud), songwriter and musical director Sarah deCourcy (Christophe Willem, Kylie & Mel C). A winning formula? Maybe! Check

3 Responses to “Five of the best – the new girlbands on the block….”

  1. calder Says:

    All of them are going to flop, especially the first group. Are they trying to copy Girls Aloud with that style?

    SounGirl and Parade may have a future in the business.

  2. Jessica Says:

    I’m loving girl groups atm. Absolutly adore Wonderland – they’re brilliant!

  3. Mike Says:

    Have you looked at new girl band Dolled Up? I guess not… check them out! Debut single out in 2012. Check them out on you tube – search Dolled Up Fantasy

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