EXclusive Interview: Blondie star Debbie Harry

Posted by Dean Piper On January 16th, 2011


How do you stay so relevant despite so many years in the showbiz world?
Well, I am not really fond of nostalgia. I don’t like being stuck in it, I like the future, I like being creative and I like new things. It’s part of life to me to keep going on and not staying in that oldies groove, I’m not interested in that.

How do you stay looking so fit and healthy?
I take time off, I keep fit by working out, I have a trainer. I do primarily core training, it is like pilates but it’s not pilates. You have to look after yourself.

What do you think about some of the young new acts that are breaking through like Lady Gaga?
I like some of the modern music. It’s about whether I appreciate the artistry and understanding how hard they work. I have to appreciate their drive and their creativity but I don’t like every single song out their but who does?
I think Lady GaGa is tremendous and I’d love to collaborate with her. She is so talented and she’s a nice girl. We did a benefit concert for the Rainforest and she is very, very sweet. You have to have the energy and the buzz when you are breaking through, everything comes at you at once and you have to take advantage of that. She did that and so did I.

Would you ever want to be a judge on a talent show like X Factor – surely you’re perfect for a role.
It doesn’t interest me to be a judge on a show like American Idol. I would feel terrible if I destroyed somebody’s confidence. It’s such a tentative stage.
I think Simon Cowell is great, I like his honesty – even though he might destroy a few people’s confidence. I personally would have appreciated for someone to have been so forthright and so blunt with me when I was starting out. Lots of times you ask people their opinions and they just say ‘that’s great, that’s great’ but they don’t have any real information. He gives people that real information. I don’t always agree with him though.

But it’s a good leg up into the industry being on a show like that.
I think it can be good for somebody to get a leg up, it’s sort of a mixed doubled edged sword, it’s not like you’re up there doing original material and a lot of time you are asked to or directed to do certain kinds of material and you get categorised so perhaps you outgrow that. It can defeat the artist’s purpose when they are in a period of discovery but I guess there has been a lot of success for the people who have won. Carrie Underwood has gone a long way.

You’ve campaigned for gay rights in the past – what do you think about Elton John and David Furnish’s baby news?
I know Elton, I think it is really something. I know Elton is a very serious person and takes on a lot of responsibility and is driven, powerful and wonderful so this must have been something very important to him and to his and David’s relationship. It is also great for gay rights, but it’s not completely unique.

And how do you think President Obama has been doing?

I think Obama has had a really rough time and I think he’s very smart and brilliant. He has had a lot of obstacles. He dropped into office in such a bad economic period but he’s held his own. He’s had a real uphill fight, more so than a lot of other Presidents.

America seems to be such a wild place right now with so many shootings week in, week out. Your thoughts?

The state of America today is insane, it’s crazy. Obama said in his speech about all of this hard politicking and hatred. What is it about? This is supposed to be the United States, the United States used to stand for so many things and was supposed to be United. It seems like everyone has forgotten these things. There’s all those issues about censorship, eliminating the Muslims, not allowing religious freedom. They’re all the things that constitutionally we have counted for and applied for and they are being lost by people who are radical in the wrong direction. I think people should be radical to support the constitution.

Blondie’s Panic of Girls is scheduled for release in 2011.

Debbie was performing at A Concert For Killing Cancer at the O2 Hammersmith Apollo this week.

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