All the gossip from the People's Choice Awards in LA!

Posted by Dean Piper On January 9th, 2011

*Natalie Portman is the girl of the moment right now. All my contacts in LA are saying the critics agree she deserves an Oscar for her performance in Black Swan. And she’s celebrating being newly engaged and pregnant. She revealed: “I feel absolutely amazing. I had a bit of sickness at the beginning but I’m feeling good now.”
She also couldn’t help but gush about the fact she had a blast making out with Ashton Kutcher in new film No Strings Attached. She said: “He made me laugh constantly. He’s such a funny guy and Demi was great too. It’s always a bit awkward to meet the woman who’s husband you’re kissing on set but she was really friendly and we all went out together after filming. They are so in love it’s insane.” I bet Demi was on set! Ha!

*Taylor Swift is such a skinny minnie in real life. And she sounds like a fussy lady when it comes to her food.
Asked how she stayed in shape for the red carpet she replied: “I’m a yoga fanatic! I love to work out and yoga is the one time I can really relax and let myself go. I also don’t eat anything process and eat a lot of fresh fish and vegetables. Trust me I’m not perfect though – I love my food and can pig out when I want to. It’s my one weakness.” Yeah, right.

*Kim Kardashian showed off a healthy trout pout this week. The star spoke to me about her new rumoured love interest, basketball player Kris Humphries. She laughed: “Put it this way, I’m living the single life and having fun. Kris is a great guy and we’re seeing how it goes but it’s early days so I don’t want to say too much. I am ready for true love and want to find someone who wants the same out of life as I do. I’m broody as hell and am ready to settle down! I just need to find a man who can handle me!” Imagine how that Kardashian booty will inflate if she gets up the duff. I love that thought.

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