Paloma Faith, Cherie Blair, Brendan Cole and Kate Moss go to The English National Ballet for The Nutcracker

Posted by Dean Piper On December 19th, 2010


Above: Strictly star Brendan Cole and his beautiful model wife Zoe Hobbs

*Remember when Natasha Kaplinsky was big news? Nope, neither do I. It was a lifetime ago. Anyway, she’s just about to leave Five where she’s the channel’s news anchorwoman and has been busily enjoying being a mother to her two young children. Speaking at the English National Ballet’s The Nutcracker bash this week she told me: “I can’t believe I’ve had two children in the space of two years. It’s crazy. I definitely won’t be having a third. As much as I enjoy it, I’ve put my motherhood boots away.
“I’m really exciting about my future actually. I leave Five next week and have already been talking about different projects. I’m not sure if I’d want to present something like X Factor as it’s a huge entertainment show, plus Dermot does a great job.” Damn right, love.


Above: Paloma Faith seemed to dress down for the ballet.

*Kate Moss and Sadie Frost enjoyed a girlie night out with their children at the ballet – La Moss arrived just before the curtain rose with a posse including Sadie and Lila Grace and seven other children. My spies saw Kate refuse to use the normal toilets too, instead sneaking into the disabled loos with Sadie’s sister. X Factor star Brian Friedman ran over to her when he saw her and she told him she had been enjoying the show. I love to think Kate’s a normal girl at heart!
Talking of normal, Lord of the Rings star Andy Serkis arrived with his kids and brought pre-prepared homemade sandwiches for the little ones to munch on. Classic!


*You can’t knock Cherie Blair (above with daughter Kathryn) – she can work a room these days. The almighty postbox mouthed one was grabbing every celeb in the room and talking to them like old friends  at the English National Ballet’s The Nutcracker this week. Each of the guests, including Brendan Cole and Kate Moss, was introduced to her daughter Kathryn before the show at a posh drinks reception.

*Tamzin Outhwaite sounds as if she’s enjoying a well deserved break after months of working her backside off on the West End in the musical Sweet Charity. She told me at the Ballet: “I’ve been loving having time off and being at home with the kids. As it’s nearing Christmas we’ve really been getting into making homemade Piccalilli and apple chutney. I making so much of it that it’s ridiculous. I’m becoming a proper housewife and even have a whole drawer in the kitchen full of warming jars. It could be a whole new career for me – I could have my own range of condiments. Or I could just sell them at the front of my house with a honesty box although someone would probably just put 5p in and I’ll be shouting: “It cost me £12 to make”.” Sounds yummy to me.


Above: Lorraine Ashbourne, Andy Serkis and the beautiful Natascha McElhone.

English National Ballet’s The Nutcracker runs until Dec 30th at the London Coliseum followed by Romeo &Juliet from Jan 5 – 15

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