James Blunt's a single man once again….

Posted by Dean Piper On December 19th, 2010

James Blunt has had a great year – his album Some Kind of Trouble is flying off the shelves across Europe and he’s ready to spend Christmas at his home in Verbier. It’s OK for some!
Anyway, news for the ladies. James is single after splitting up with girlfriend Sabina Vidal a few weeks ago. The pair have been together for a good few months but have parted ways on good terms and remain friends. My source tells me: “James has been away so much and wasn’t ready to settle down and they mutually agreed it was time to split. They will no doubt see each other – especially as they both have homes in Ibiza.”
So there you have it ladies – start those engines. Blunty’s back! Oh, and his great new single So Far Gone is out January 3.

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