EXCLUSIVE: Christina Aguilera brings Burlesque to London and talks Cher, acting and THAT X Factor performance

Posted by Dean Piper On December 19th, 2010


*Christina Aguilera responded to claims she was a tad smutty on last week’s X Factor final when I bumped into her at the Burlesque premiere earlier this week. The star completely dismissed people left shocked over her raunchy moves and tarty clothes and quipped: “What’s new in my career? I think it’s great that I continue to confidently inspire women to feel confident and comfortable in their own bodies. People have always tried to shame women for their sexuality and I think this movie definitely embodies beauty and the art of Burlesque is all about female empowerment.” Righty, er, ho.
I don’t know why – but Christina doesn’t seem to have a good aura when you meet her. She was giving evils to many people on the red carpet one minute and posing nicely the next (admittedly with me too). And she took a bit of a dig at Cher when I spoke to her. On working with Cher she said: “Everyone even myself included were a little bit in awe, you could feel the excitement when she came on set.
“She is an inspiration and it was so great working with him….him?!  Sorry I mean her.” It was almost like she wanted to shove a cat among the pigeons!
Christina also managed to cause a scene at the after show bash with her erratic behaviour. I saw her openly snogging her new boy toy Matt Rutler, getting sloshed big time and she ended up being carried out by security to her hotel. Throughout the night she had been knocking back the cocktails and at one point she took three drinks for herself from the waiter….classy lady.

*Burlesque star Cher is a legend – and it was an absolute pleasure to meet her this week. She sounds like she had a blast working on Burlesque – despite being initially reluctant to take the role. “I didn’t want to do the film so I thought it was really funny that Christina said that she would drink my bath water to get me on board,” she laughed. “She was a little shaky at first. She was finding her way, but she got there, she should be very happy with her performance. We got on great and has a great dry sense of humour. It was a dream of mine forever to sing in the film so I thought I should do it now or I’ll never get the chance.” The film’s ace – check it out guys.

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