Behind the scenes at the Top of the Pops Christmas Special!

Posted by Dean Piper On December 19th, 2010


*Olly Murs (above) has some great advice for Cher Lloyd, Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction. Speaking at the recording of the Top of the Pops Christmas Special he told me: “When you finish you have to use the platform you’ve got. You get an opportunity to do the most amazing things and you’ve just got to work hard – don’t take holidays or say you don’t want to do a certain gig. Earn as much money as you can. You can’t sit there and rest on your laurels.” I’m sure Katie Waisell’s got that idea!
After a cracking year it sounds like Olly’s really going to town for Christmas this year. He revealed: “I’ve set the bar for Christmas presents as I’ve already bought my sister central heating for her house because she had no heating. It was so lucky as we installed it a week or two before the snow hit. So my family are expecting good gifts but I haven’t brought presents for the last two years. I like giving things to people so this year I’ve been really thoughtful about what I am going to give them. I’ve got my nan a really amazing present but I can’t tell you what it is.” Lucky nan!


Above: JLS also star in the Christmas special…

*Plan B sounds like he’s kinda glad his recent UK tour has come to an end. It sounded exhausting!  Plan, real name Ben Drew, tells me: “You wake up at 3pm, because you would have been partying the night before, sound-check, promo, maybe eat if you’re lucky, then gig and relax and then party till 5am. Every day. It was pretty much like that for two months. It can drive you crazy but I’m back now.
“I want to go back into the boxing gym as I really like the boxing circuit. Then in January I’m off to America and then Australia to tour too. So I need to enjoy my normality for a few weeks.”
His album The Defamation of Strickland Banks is one of the best albums of the year….

*Ellie Goulding (above) didn’t expect the amount of success she’s managed to get for her beautiful – if not a bit over hyped – version of Your Song. The tracks been hovering at the top of the charts for weeks now and she told me at TOTP: “I didn’t expect the reaction I’ve got to Your Song at all. I didn’t expect anyone to like it really. I think the opinion has been really polarised actually and a lot of people hate it, genuinely. I think you should think of it as a different song as I’ve missed out lyrics and sung it in a different key. It’s weird as I’ve got this acoustic song but then my album is going to a whole different direction. It’s weird as it’s going from Starry Eyed, to Your Song to something that’s going to be really crazy. It will have moments of folk.”
The singer also said she finds it bizarre that people are bothered about her growing relationship with Radio One’s Greg James. “It is a little strange to have this interest in us because to me he is just Greg,” she said. “I suppose it is weird thing that he’s a Radio 1 DJ as it’s kind of like, not my enemy, but certainly not like dating someone from my label. But Radio 1 have been such an amazing support to me before I even knew of him.” And I’m sure they’ll continue to be Els!


Above: Tinie Temper went for yellow jeans ala Matt Cardle


Above: Chris Martin and Coldplay were back in action too!

Top of The Pops Christmas Special, Christmas Day, 2pm – 3pm, BBC One!

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