The Bros reunion gets a another sign of hope – Matt Goss and Craig Logan make up!

Posted by Dean Piper On December 12th, 2010


Bros fans rejoice – Matt Goss and former bandmate Craig Logan have kissed and made up.
The pair have barely been in contact since they parted ways in the band at the end of the eighties. Even recently when Matt was in town he told me: “If Bros were ever to reform then it wouldn’t be with Craig. My brother Luke and myself were Bros. Craig was a very small part of it.”
But it would seem shortly after we met Matt decided to hand out an olive branch to his old friend. Craig received an invite to fly down to Las Vegas to watch Matt play his Caesar’s Palace show. A close source tells me: “Craig flew down to see Matt and they got on like old times. They hung out, cleared the air and had dinner after the show. Matt even introduced Craig to the crowds with a spotlight announcement during his performance.”
But although they’ve made up don’t get excited about a comeback from Bros. My source adds: “Craig will never go back to perform with them. But he’s thrilled they’re pals again.”
Matt’s still going down a storm in the US – he’s just had his Caesars headline show extended to 3 nights a week and been booked for a further 3 years. He will also be bringing his show back to the Royal Albert Hall in 2011 and will be releasing a swing version of the Bros track When Will I Be Famous. The new version is even being remixed by superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold.

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