EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Campbell talks babies and supermodels!

Posted by Dean Piper On December 12th, 2010


Could Naomi Campbell be preparing for motherhood? It certainly sounded like she was open to the idea when I sprang it on her this week. Naomi, who’s happily settled down with Russian billionaire Vladislav Dororin, said: “Oh wow, if I was blessed enough to fall pregnant or have a child then that’s in God’s hands. I’d be thrilled.”
Naomi was celebrating after receiving a special recognition award at the British Fashion Awards. I caught up with her and we nattered about her staggering 25 years in the industry. She laughed: “Getting special awards for years in the industry is weird – I hate the thought of being old or that my careers over. It’s not. I’m still modelling and busier than ever before really.”
I asked her whether she thought the day would ever come when new supermodels ruled supreme in the fashion world. “I’ve never commented on this before because I always thought we would be replaced,” she said. “But now I look at Christy, Kate, Claudia and the girls and think we are irreplaceable. I just don’t think we’ll have models succeed us. We were a special time in the fashion world and I doubt it’ll ever be repeated.” I couldn’t agree more!

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