Dannii Minogue talks Project D, babies and Kate Middleton ahead of the X Factor final this weekend

Posted by Dean Piper On December 9th, 2010


Recently I sat down with my favourite X Factor judge Dannii Minogue. I published some of it – but lots of our chat didn’t make the cut. So here it is…..

Are we going to want more babies soon?
I said recently that we had just bought a seven-seater car and I wanted to fill it with babies. I liked being pregnant, I really did. I could definitely see myself having another one at some point. I’m not sure about filling the car. They can just bring their friends!
It is really great now though. My brother’s got two boys and I have Ethan so they will be great buddies. I can’t wait to get back to Australia for the family time.

What’s your plans for Christmas and the New Year then?

I’ll be back in Australia after the show but I’ll be back and forth for Project D throughout the year. I’ll have a month off – I literally have to. I haven’t stopped this year and need to. I just can’t wait to be at the new house, pool in the back yard and sunshine and BBQs and by then maybe a little martini!
I’m visualising sitting by the pool and teaching Ethan to swim and the family all over.

Are you hoping Matt Cardle wins for you at this weekend’s final?

If Matt were to win then I hope they’ll let him grow. At the moment its hard. I asked him he felt knocked down as it was Aiden and then Paije to go. He said losing Aiden was the biggest shock for him. They were very close. Great mates. Obviously he wanted him to stay in the competition. Fortunately it’s making him strong. He’s a good hope for Team Minogue.

Who else are you backing?

I see something special with One Direction. They are amazing. They remind me of the early days of Take That. They were all naughty and crazy and had the different personalities. A boyband needs a good lead.

And what about the style battle between you and Cheryl Cole each week – I’m obsessed!
I’ve heard people do pause the TV when Cheryl and me walk out. That’s funny. This year I’ve changed the entire way that I work my X Factor wardrobe. In previous years I’ve been prepared for every show – so I know what I’ll wear in December at the start of the live shows in September.
This year I arrived with two dresses and a baby. And that was it. A week before the first show I just thought I’d wear a cream dress – because it fit well. I’m still not back to my pre-baby body so I had that to deal with too.
It’s a tricky time of year to get dresses for a show like X Factor. The fashion shows are going on and the samples are flying around everywhere so it’s difficult to get anything at that time. I’ve got my girl Angie Smith that I work with with styling. I brought a few Australian things over and I’ve had Project D  stuff too. Time wise I don’t have the time to worry about dresses. It’s been very chilled. In previous years I’ve been freaking out but the baby has made me chill out. I’m such a different person. I’d be freaking out usually on my blackberry and going bananas. But I just can’t be bothered. I’m happy. I guess it’s my hormones, doll.

Do you ever check with Cheryl to make sure you don’t clash?

We never confer on what we are going to wear. This weekend is the first weekend where I have three options. Every other week it’s that or that. I love wearing the Victoria Beckham dresses. They are seriously amazing. I’m absolutely loving other people wearing my own dresses.

Who else would you love to see wearing Project D?

I love Heidi Klum – always have. I would have killed to have had Heidi in my black sequin dress – with a pregnancy bump. She’s is the most beautiful amazing woman when she’s pregnant and she would have looked divine. I would love Kate Hudson and the other Kate. You know, Kate Middleton. That would be a dream come true. Maybe I could work on a little something in ivory? Could you imagine that? Kate Middleton chooses a Project D wedding dress.
Oprah Winfrey is coming over to Australia to do a TV special soon. I’m desperate to dress her. So I’m going to try. I’d love to do Michelle Obama too.

Was it important that you were taken seriously and didn’t just lend your name to a brand?

Anyone that knows me knows I would never have just given my name to some company’s brand and said sell those clothes as “Dannii” endorsed clothing. That’s just not me. Last year was so crazy I had Project D, the show, being pregnant, filmed the show Style Queen and a book. I was adamant to have it all documented because I wanted people to know how involved Tabitha and me were. We worked our arses off.
To be doing this Project D and doing it with credibility is a dream come true. To have the fashion editors coming in to me and giving me feedback. We’ve just done the second season now. We’ve just done our first year. It will take five years for something to settle in. It’s not been overnight for Victoria – she’s worked hard and she’s got there. And I want to do that too.

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