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Posted by Dean Piper On November 29th, 2010

*Jason Statham has always loved a pretty dolly on his arm. And they don’t come much prettier than  model and soon-to-be Transformers 3 actress Rosie Huntington-Whitley.
And form what I hear the pair have taken the next step towards becoming engaged as I can reveal the pair have officially moved in together.
And pals of the pair tell me they couldn’t be happier right now. “Rosie’s never been happier in a relationship,” says my mole. “She’s given up her rented accommodation in LA and has moved into Jason’s Hollywood mansion. They’re living very much like a married couple now and they’re blissfully happy.
“Jason’s keeping her feet on the ground and knows Hollywood like the back of his hand. She’s new to acting and everything for her is moving very quickly now – but she’s totally smitten.
“She really didn’t expect the relationship to last the distance at first so she’s been really pleasantly surprised. Jason’s exactly what she needs. He was ready to settle down and it worked out perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got engaged at some point.”
Jason, 37, and Rosie, 23, stepped out officially in the summer at Californian music festival Coachella and have kept a low profile ever since. They’ve yet to step out onto a red carpet together and are quietly enjoying each others company – but all that’s set to change when the release of Transformers 3 comes next summer.
“They will walk out on the carpet together then,” says my mole. “Jason’s been very protective of Rosie and doesn’t want to have too much attention from the paparazzi. He felt like he made lots of mistakes with Kelly Brook when they were dating by being out and about on red carpets together. Jason and Rosie don’t need to do that. He is seeing Rosie as somebody he could potentially end up getting married too. And Rosie’s never been happier with a man.”
Just weeks before Rosie and Jason were spotted canoodling at Coachella, the Victoria’s Secret model was seen with Kylie Minogue’s ex-Olivier Martinez and had only recently parted company from Ronnie Wood’s son Tyrone.
Transformers will see her propelled to worldwide super stardom as the replacement for Megan Fox in the franchise. And knowing the girl personally I can tell you this amount of success, professionally and personally, couldn’t be happening to a nicer girl.

*The future of Girls Aloud looks set to be off for an even longer time period now as I can reveal Sarah Harding is the next star pushing full steam ahead with a solo album.
And everyone’s favourite boozy blonde has set her standards high – she’s telling pals she’s ready to become the next Lady Gaga.
And to, ahem, become Gagaloo, Sarah has enlisted the help of the producer that made Lady Gaga sound like who she is today – she’s working with the acclaimed producer Red One.
Red’s notable productions include all of Gaga’s biggest hits including Just Dance, Bad Romance, Poker Face, Monster and Alejandro.
A source close to Sarah, 28, tells me: “She’s been laying down a load of tracks that are very ‘Lady Gaga’ style. She’s working her arse off. She’s hoping to release the album early next year and is going to have an entire style makeover for her solo launch. She wants to be ‘edgier than ever before’ and has already been consulting with her stylist about some ideas she has for some custom-made outfits.
“She’s very keen to shock and be totally different from how she was in Girls Aloud. She wants to shake up her entire image and become an icon like Gaga.” Good for her.

WHICH two celebrities had a hilarious time recently trying on a selection of wigs belonging to Dynasty star Joan Collins? This naughty pair took snaps on their phones for keepsakes.

*Kelly Osbourne sounds like she’s still losing weight following her split from model Luke Worrall. After my pal in LA told her how great she looked at the Rolling Stone Restaurant & Lounge in Hollywood after last weekend’s American Music Awards she said: “It’s called the heartbreak diet. It’s a lot easier when you’re going through something painful in your life, the weight seems to drop off that bit easier. People go different ways though – some will stuff their faces, but others can’t seem to stomach anything.”
Fortunately the frank star, who recently told all to Piers Morgan on Life Stories, sounds like she has her feet firmly on the ground. “With all these skinny b*tches in LA, it makes you a hell of a lot more self conscious,” she revealed. “Whenever I go back to England I feel instantly more comfortable with myself.
“I’m really happy with my size now and don’t want to lose any more weight. I feel like I’m the perfect size to match my height and frame and am now just working on maintaining it. Dieting isn’t rocket science – it’s simply about eating less and exercising more and I’ve really been going at it the past few weeks.” Don’t lose anymore, Kel.

*It sounds like is ready to help Cheryl Cole launch her US music career. And he thinks she’s going to go down a storm when she eventually signs her Stateside music deal. Will revealed at last weekend American Music Awards: “Cheryl’s going to be great in the US. I’m looking forward to her coming over. It don’t matter that she’s British – she could be Chinese, Mexican, Cantonese or whatever….she’s got great songs and looks fantastic so that’s all that matters. Good songs are good songs – period. She’s talented enough to surround herself with good people and she’s a good writer. I’m really excited to be seeing her in a couple of days on the X Factor.
“She’s going to be a massive success over here. Everything she touches turns to gold and I’m here to look after her so she’s going to be absolutely fine.” Somebody sounds protective!

*Taio Cruz made breaking the US look EASY recently when his track Break Your Heart topped the charts earlier on in the year. And now he’s set his sights on working with a new collaborator – and it’s not what you’d expect.  He revealed: “I’ve been so lucky. It’s pretty cool that people out here know my music – quite overwhelming at times.
“I’d love to work with Kings of Leon and do something more rocky. We need to get together.” Over to you boys.

*Model David Gandy recently had huge success with his style iTunes app. But ladies – you’ll be pleased to know he’s not going to try and step on your turf. The D+G model tells me: “I have no idea about women’s style – I can pick out bits that I like on women but that’s it – so I won’t be bringing out a female version. Men don’t tend to get involved in female style while women always get involved with men and you see wives and girlfriend’s always styling their man and they’re instrumental in that. Luckily I don’t have that problem being single.” Ladies, start those engines.

*Lauren Goodger from The Only Way Is Essex is forging her own career off the back of the success of the show. And it sounds like she’s got a fright with that extra 10 lbs of weight the TV puts on you! She poured her heart out at the new Emmy Collins’ shop in Shoreditch: “I have found it really difficult seeing myself on TV and I want to loose weight. I think out of all the girls I am the one who obsesses about my weight and talks about it the most. I have signed up to Now magazine to go to a boot-camp and loose weight by Christmas. They want me to lose 7lbs but I want to lose a stone. I won’t be getting plastic surgery though as that’s not me and I don’t want to loose my own identity.” But you will wear a truckload of slap! LOVE IT.

*Lewis Hamilton’s British habits must be starting to rub off on girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger.  Nicole performs fab new single Poison tonight on X Factor. And from what I hear her backstage rider includes ten bars of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate as well as Fiji Water, fresh pomegranates and a job lot of vitamin B tablets. A source tells me: “It is her favourite chocolate and she makes sure she has stacks of it no matter where in the world she’s performing.” You’d never know she was a choccy fiend with that figure.

*I love Alison Hammond. She’s hilarious in real life and great on This Morning. But word reaches me she has a rather strange diva demand. Whenever she flies to a foreign destination she requests two seats on the plane because the junk in her trunk doesn’t fit so easily into, erm, just the one seat. My mole tells me: “She always requests two seats unless she’s in upper class. She freaks out being squished in one seat and says she can’t breathe.” Well after her jungle appearance maybe just the one seat will suffice.

*Graffiti 6 played to a packed crowd to celebrate the brand new mens boutique Blaqua on the Kings Road this week. The brand have been causing a stir with their flamboyant designed shirts and suits and already have Paul Weller and Peter Andre on the roster of fans. Check it out.

*Katy Perry and Russell Brand just look like a couple that set alight the bedroom and from what Katy  said this week at the American Music Awards it sounds as if they are indeed at it like rabbits! “We’re still majorly in the honeymoon phase,” she squealed. “I can’t keep my hands off him. Even standing on the red carpet now talking to you, I can’t wait to go inside and get my filthy mits on him!”

*Dior opened the doors of it’s plush New Bond Street store this week and I popped along to check it out. Jaime Winstone span the tunes, newly single Meg Mathews pitched up and Kelly Brook wore a fabulous feather coated Suzie Turner designer dress.

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